The prevalence of guns in the United States is not up for debate anymore – we hear about them in the news on almost a daily basis. The debate for whether or not we should have more restrictive laws for owning and buying a gun continues on with each side weighing in periodically about their…

  Not Remaining Silent You have the right to remain silent when you are arrested. Many people take the first chance they have to explain their situation to whomever will listen and will spill the beans so to speak. This can often be detrimental because the officer will Mirandize the people they arrest and when…

It is a frightening experience when you receive a frightened phone call from your child telling you that they have been arrested or detained under criminal suspicion. Part of you wants yell and scream while the other part of you wants to get ahead of the game and make sure that your child is taken…

 What is a Grand Jury? A grand jury is a set of 16-23 people who hear evidence presented by the prosecutor in a case against the person of interest. These individuals then decide if the evidence and witnesses presented are enough to justify bringing a formal indictment or criminal charges against the defendant in question….

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