Manslaughter is no longer considered a crime of violence for purposes of federal sentencing.   In order to decide the amount of time that a person should be sentenced to once they are convicted, the court uses a mechanism called a sentencing guideline. Based on the crime convicted and what the guideline suggests a specific…

dirty prosecutors

Dirty prosecutors It should not be news to anyone living in Orange County that there have recently been issues publicized about the District Attorney’s Office and the Prosecutors they employ being dishonest. There have been well publicized issues regarding jailhouse informants in Orange County being used by the dirty prosecutors to get information on other…

The California State Auditor, Elaine Howle, seems to think so. She published a report dated August 11, 2016 stating that she believes that because of the fact that there is no state oversight into the program, there is a lack of transparency into the program which results in the high potential to violate individual’s privacy…

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