Federal Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach


Federal Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach


Types of Bank Fraud Cases: Get Help from Federal Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach

When it comes to defending yourself in a bank fraud case, you are going to need the help of a federal criminal attorney Huntington Beach. There are so many kinds of incidences that can be classified as bank fraud. You may never even know what can be considered illegal under federal law.

There are still different areas that this type of federal crime is mainly classified into:

1. Credit & Debit Card Frauds

A federal criminal attorney Huntington Beach can also defend cases involving card frauds. In this type of fraudulent activity, people are charged with using methods to buy something or withdraw money without the ability or intention of repaying. This includes a wide range of activities ranging from stealing cards to gathering information to apply for credit cards.

2. Identity Theft

Identity theft cases can exist on their own apart from other types of bank frauds. You should immediately get the help of a federal criminal attorney Huntington Beach if you have been accused of it. As the laws about identity information have become much more stringent, federal agencies and financial institutions have become highly alert in such types of crimes.

You can get charged with this federal crime in so many cases, including:

  • Use of fake Passport, driver’s license or any other fake ID
  • Submitting any fake document to a bank
  • Use of someone else’s information for creating an online account
  • Using someone else’s cards or checks

3. Check Fraud

Even today, with all the technologies at their behest, financial institutions are still finding it difficult to combat check fraud. Apparently, technology has worked for everyone. And those with fraudulent intentions are also finding new ways to forge fake checks. You can be charged with a case of check fraud in a wide range of situations including:

  • Alteration to the information on valid checks
  • Stealing checks and forging signatures
  • Making counterfeit checks
  • Withdrawal of funds on deposited checks before the deposit gets cleared

Even if you involved in any computer-related banking fraud, it falls under the ambit of federal criminal law. You will need the help of an experienced federal criminal attorney Huntington Beach to protect your interests.

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