Federal Criminal Attorney In Huntington Beach


Federal Criminal Attorney In Huntington Beach


If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a federal crime in Huntington Beach or throughout Southern California and you need the help of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney, call Karren Kenney today at (888) 533-5798 or use the contact form to schedule your free consultation.

You need the best Huntington Beach federal criminal defense lawyer in Orange County who understands the unique details of your charges and will carefully examine every detail to build a successful criminal defense strategy for your case.

Karren provids legal counsel and representation to clients in a variety of State & Federal Criminal Defense matters, including the following:

All Conviction Appeals & Writs,
Assault and Battery
Misdemeanor & Felony Charges
State & Federal Asset Seizure Resulting from Criminal Activities
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes, Possession
Transportation & Sales
Three Strikes Legal Defense and Prop 47 Resentencing Matters
Violent Crimes
Firearm Enhancements

Karren will work diligently to obtain pardons, reestablish your rights and obtain felony reductions to misdemeanors and Proposition 47 Resentencing matters and violations in Orange County and Los Angeles area courts.

Karren Kenny has been perfecting her game for over twenty years in Orange County. She is reliable, experienced and well versed in federal and criminal justice law; she knows her way around the courtroom as well as the rights afforded to every defendant under the U.S. constitution. When having an expert matters, Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense is the only choice for defense against criminal and federal crimes.