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Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney
Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney Represents HB Residents


Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney represents residents of Huntington Beach.  Huntington Beach is a coastal city in Orange County, with an area of over 30 square miles and a population of nearly 200,000 residents as of 2010. It was named after an American businessman, but it has the nickname “Surf City” due to its ocean swells. Incorporated in 1909, Huntington Beach developed when an encyclopedia company gave away land in the area it had acquired inexpensively. Subsequently, oil was discovered. The town was mostly agricultural at first, but today it is home to several large employers in both the manufacturing and service industries. Some of the crimes commonly reported there include burglary, auto theft, and aggravated assault, though the state regularly pursues charges related to other offenses, such as white collar crime. If you are facing prosecution in the Huntington Beach area, an experienced Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney can help protect your rights. The Kenney Legal Defense Corporation has assisted individuals fighting charges of white collar crimes, DUI, theft offenses, drug offenses, domestic violence, and more. Criminal Attorney Kenney has received a credential as a certified fraud specialist from the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists, showing the skill that she has honed in this area of the law.


Generally, white collar crime is non-violent illegal conduct committed by business or government professionals for the purpose of obtaining a financial advantage. Someone convicted of this type of offense may face fines, prison time, and requirements to pay restitution, as well as a loss of professional reputation and the inability to hold certain jobs. Some frequently committed white collar crimes include embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, racketeering, and pyramid schemes. Prosecutors must prove different elements to obtain a conviction for each of these crimes.

Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney Handles Alcohol Related Cases


Some events that take place in Huntington Beach include the U.S. Open Surfing Competition and the 4th of July Celebration. The U.S. Open Surfing Competition takes place in Huntington Beach every year. It is the largest and most well known of the surfing competitions that takes place there. During the summer, when the event takes place, an increase in the people at the beach leads to an increase of the amount of petty theft charges filed. Additionally, the increased consumption of alcohol at both the U.S. Open and the 4th of July Celebration coincides with an increased amount of drunk in public and DUI charges.

Criminal allegations that are alleged to have occurred in Huntington Beach are arraigned at the West Justice Center in Westminster, California, just a short drive from Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney’s office.


An experienced Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney may be able to mount an aggressive defense on behalf of a Huntington Beach resident who has been charged with a white collar crime or another offense. Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney understands that facing prosecution can be intimidating, and that many of our clients are anxious when they find themselves charged. We can work hard to determine a sound strategy for the circumstances of your particular case. Contact the Kenney Legal Defense Corporation at (855) 505-5588 or via our online form to hire Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney to help you with your case.

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