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Are you, a loved one, or your business being targeted in a lawsuit or criminal investigation?  If so, call Kenney Legal Defense for immediate assistance.  Fearless Criminal and Business Defense Lawyer Karren Kenney has over 25 years of litigation and jury trial experience in criminal and business defense cases.  

With offices in Orange County and San Diego, the top-rated Kenney Legal Defense team works tirelessly in developing a comprehensive and effective strategy for defending their clients.  Each client is assigned an entire defense team to work on all aspects of their case.  With 24/7 access to their defense case through a secure case management system, clients and authorized family members can easily communicate with their defense team during the entire process.

It is stressful for anyone to have to go through business litigation or a criminal case alone. Rest assured, the team at Kenney Legal Defense is here to help and reduce the stress.  Attorney Karren Kenney has been dedicated to defending the rights of individuals and businesses for over 25 years. For a fearless, authentic, and zealous defense team, call Kenney Legal Defense today for a case evaluation and fee quote.

Top Rated Lawyer

Karren Kenney knows the importance of developing a comprehensive and effective strategy in defending her clients.

20 Years Of Experience

Over 25 years of litigation and jury trial experience in local business, criminal and federal defense cases

Business Attorney Karren Kenney
Criminal and Business Defense Lawyer Karren Kenney

Our Practice Areas

Business Law

Business Defense Attorney Karren Kenney regularly assists small businesses, providing consultation services and case representation if a case can not be resolved short of litigation. Our Defense Team offers strategic and affordable legal services for small businesses throughout California...

White Collar Crimes

White Collar crime charges can be filed in state or federal court, depending on what type of fraud is involved. Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney is not only well versed in state and federal criminal defense, she is a Certified Fraud Examiner and specializes in handling White Collar Crime cases ...

Federal Defense

Whether you or your small business is in need of defense representation in federal court, the Defense Team at Kenney Legal Defense can help! Defense Attorney Karren Kenney has over 25 years of litigation experience and handles federal cases throughout the United States ...


Attorney Karren Kenney is an experienced criminal litigation attorney who has tried over 100 cases in both state and federal courts...

Assault & Battery

Assault and Battery are two separate charges that are often charged concurrently. They can be found in California Penal Codes 240-248.


DUI is a serious crime, and it should not be taken lightly. If a person is arrested for DUI, it will create a criminal arrest record. If convicted...

If you’re under investigation, law enforcement is not your friend.

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyer

Southern California LitigationAttorney

Prior to starting Kenney Legal Defense in 2012, Criminal Defense Lawyer and Business Litigation Attorney Karren Kenney was a Senior Deputy Public Defender in Orange County where she spent 12 years of her career defending the less fortunate. Five of those years were spent in the White Collar Crime Unit defending business owners who were charged with fraud related felonies, most of which resulted from a civil or administrative court case.

After starting Kenney Legal Defense in 2012, Attorney Kenney obtained certification as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Aside from her specialized knowledge in White Collar Crime cases, Ms. Kenney regularly handles business litigation and serious criminal cases throughout Southern California county and in federal courts nationwide.

Whether you or your business are under investigation, received a subpoena, or fighting a case in court, Kenney Legal Defense can handle all of your defense litigation needs. Call today for a free case quote

Our Client's Reviews

We contacted Mrs. Kenney by phone regarding our child. Over the phone she laid out a plan for us to deal with our which point, if the problem was not resolved, she would then step in as our legal representative. We were able to follow her advise and resolve the problem without the need for further representation. We would definitely use Mrs. Kenney and/or recommend her for any legal representation.
Shirley P.
Hands down one of the top Criminal Attorneys is Orange County. I have referred Karren Kenney to a few individuals in my circle and all have come back with rave reviews.
Webvisable Group

Top Rated Defense Attorney

The team at Kenney Legal Defense understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people and businesses. Kenney Legal Defense is here to help every step of the way. Former clients have had amazing results and have been kind enough to share some of those experiences with you here. After reading the reviews, you will see that at Kenney Legal Defense, clients are a top priority and have been extremely happy with the outcome of their cases.

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