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Karren is a powerful, trusting, and giving woman and this is how she shows up as an attorney. She is direct, grounded, and clear.
Blair, a Criminal Defense client
5 Stars on AVVO
My case was tough, but Karren was diligent and got my case dismissed. Here experience and knowledge is worth more then gold. Her personality is a total delight, she is a awesome person and exceptional attorney.
Karen is an amazing lawyer. She gets to the bottom of every single detail and will keep you informed throughout the process.
Criminal Defense client
Professional, knowledgeable, Get the best representation in OC
Mrs. Kenney is helping me in a case in regards to the Labor’s Law. She is very professional and informative, giving me a clear understanding of the situation. She has been on top of my case. I highly recommend her to anyone.
Karen is an amazing lawyer. She gets to the bottom of every single detail and will keep you informed throughout the process.aMy family and I hired Ms. Kenney to help my brother who was charged with a gang crime and facing life in prison. Through hard work and dedication, she was able to get my brother an incredible deal and get him out before Christmas. Ms. Kenney was very dependable, understanding, patient, kind and caring. She will fight for you to the fullest of her abilities. She is someone I would recommend to the fullest due to her work ethics. Words cannot explain how grateful my family and I were to have her represent my brother.
Criminal Defense client
I am being accused of a crime I did not commit and needed an experienced attorney ASAP. After initial consultation, I couldn’t describe the sense of relief I felt, of finally feeling resolution to issue was possible. She was very informative, confident, tentative to everything I was concerned about or details of case prior to her accepting the case. Karren has been very thorough and kept all commitments she has made. So far, I couldn’t be happier. What I have valued the most though is that she has remained patient, she has always remained available and always seems to have an answer to questions I have. She has kept me well informed of case status. My only negative that I can think of is that I did not hire her sooner. I highly recommend Karren.
A Domestic Violence Client
I had a very unexpected and old forgotten issue come up when I got a speeding ticket. When I went to my arraignment I was shocked at what the judge advised me and at what the DA was proposing as a plea deal. I pled not guilty and started calling attorneys, I interviewed 5 other referred attorneys prior to speaking with Karren. After every conversation I felt as though this would be costly and may even put me in jail for something minor and almost 10 years old. As soon as I spoke to Karren I felt like my worries were done and that Karren would take care of everything! During the case she kept me informed, confident, and most important to me she kept me comfortable and at ease. I also never had to step into a court room again! She was a little higher cost then the other attorneys I interviewed but well worth it, Karren called me last week to tell me that she got my case dismissed! Thank you Karren for all your hard work I look forward to referring you in the future!
Karren helped my son get through a very difficult situation. He was facing up to 11 years in prison and she was able to get him to serve 4 months via home confinement. Karren makes herself available at all times to answer any questions or concerns you may have. She is very professional and keeps you informed throughout the process. I would highly recommend Karren to anyone in need of an attorney.
A Criminal Defense Client
After my arrest and release from jail for a DUI in August 2013, I felt confused, scared and apprehnsive about what I should do. My friends said get an attorney to represent you ASAP. The Yellow pages were no help because I couldn’t assess who I should contact. Luckily my wife found Karren Kenney’s web site and we contacted her for and the interview and her knowledge and experience in DUI law became very evident. I contracted for her services and she has professionally represented though each facet of my DUI/DMV legal process. Her commitment to representing me to the best of her ability and keeping me informed has been met or exceeded. My case was finally resolved in early February and Karren secured the best verdict for me. I am so pleased to offer my testimonial and assure anybody I recommend to her that they are in fact getting a “Clients Attorney”. Promises and Commitments are met and Professionalism delivered.
Ms. Kenney worked so hard on my son’s case and was able to get it completely dismissed. She is so approachable and makes herself available even after hours to answer questions. I would recommend her to everyone.
Ms. A
Ms. Kenney is a fierce advocate in the courtroom and she will not backdown from a prosecutor. She helped me through a difficult time in my life and will be forever grateful. Thank you Ms. Kenney!
I am very grateful to Karren for getting my petty theft charge dismissed. She is an experienced professional who guided me through each step of the judicial process and made a very unpleasant experience easier to deal with. Communication has been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and/or hire her again should I ever need an attorney. Thank you, Karren.
Ms. A
I did not want to hire a lawyer for my case because I was ashamed and afraid of being judged or looked down upon as a bad person (by the lawyer). But Karren made me feel very comfortable and looked at every aspect of my side of the story. She explained to me in detail of the steps that needed to be taken and informed me of the ways she could approach my proceedings. Karren never made any decisions without my consent and kept in contact often through phone and email and was always available for questions. My family and I have trusted her throughout the entire year this has gone on and I am very confident in her. My case has gone better than I even expected. This would not have been possible without Karren. I would recommend her to anybody.
An Appeals Client
Karen Kenney handled a case for my son, he was charged with a shoplifting misdemeanor. Even though San Diego county does not offer diversion programs, Karen was able to convince the prosecuting attorney to allow him to attened an anti-theft class. Thru her hard work and diligence she was able to get his charges reduced to an infraction. Karen was extremely helpful and I would highly reccomend her!
Ms. Kenney handled a very stressful situation with the upmost professionalism. Her experience in fraud defense was obvious in litigating my case. I’d highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal defense.
A Criminal Defense Client
My SPA was raid by City of Orange. Police could not find anything but clean towels not labelled, soap dispenser not in compliance, etc. Yet, city policy tried to criminalize me and cited three counts of misdemeanors. Recommendations from my friends ranged from plead-guilty-ask-judge-to-reduce-to-infractions to plead-no-contest-and -pay-the-fine. Karren took my case and worked towards complete case dismissal.
I would highly recommend, the services of Ms. Kenney, she helped me get through a very difficult situation with the best result possible. Not only does she handle herself very professionally, but also took the time to be personable, and very informative for me. Throughout my situation Ms. Kenneys presence in the courtroom was upheld very professionally, and showed with the respect she seemed to receive not only by her peers, but also by Judges. If your in need of a great attorney i would highly suggest Ms. Kenneys services.
A Client
Karen is an amazing lawyer. She gets to the bottom of every single detail and will keep you informed throughout the process. We went through several attorneys and she stood head and shoulders above them all. We could not be any happier with her service! Trust me when I say that there is nobody else you want representing you.
A Criminal Defense Client
I would recommend Karren to anyone and everyone. She is the best attorney I have ever had. The sad part is I think she only practices criminal law, if she did other I would use her for my business or anything that needed review from a knowledgable person.
Ms. Kenney was and still is a great Attorney!! she fought for me all the way through giving me back my freedom!!! for which I always will be very thankful!! Any one who has her for their Attorney will be completely bless!!
My philosophy is all about “being”. Karren is a powerful, trusting, and giving woman and this is how she shows up as an attorney. She is direct, grounded, and clear. She has respect for her clients and for her colleagues. There isn’t another attorney that I would rank as “better” and there isn’t another attorney that I would want on my side besides Karren. You have to see her in action to truly appreciate her mastery of the courtroom. For my preliminary hearing she stayed up late and produced a PowerPoint presentation to explain the complexities of my case (ongoing) and the judge commented that he was impressed. She is truly amazing!
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