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Everyone Makes Mistakes!  No matter how daunting your criminal case may seem, there is almost always a way to fight it. Don’t just throw in the towel and give up. Fight for what you believe in and contact one of Southern California’s Best Criminal Lawyers – Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense. Whether you are fighting a government prosecution team or your business is under attack, you need to start planning your defense NOW so call criminal lawyer Karren Kenney today!

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Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney, CFE

Criminal Lawyer and Certified Fraud Examiner Karren Kenney has spent her entire legal career litigating cases throughout Southern California. As a former Senior Deputy Public Defender, she became one of the best criminal trial lawyers in Southern California. Ms. Kenney has tried over 100 trials at the state and federal levels. Her litigation experience includes numerous aggravated white-collar crime cases involving healthcare fraud, investment fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, worker’s compensation fraud and embezzlement. In addition to litigating fraud cases, Ms. Kenney has also tried cases ranging from misdemeanor offenses to RICO charges, conspiracy, drug crimes, gang crimes, weapons crimes, and even murder.

Criminal Lawyer Experience

For more than 25 years, Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney has been practicing law in Southern California where her local knowledge of the courts and procedures has proven priceless to her clients innumerable times. Attorney Kenney has defended thousands of cases throughout all stages of criminal prosecution in local county and federal courts throughout Southern California and welcomes the opportunity to go to trial.  Ms. Kenney started her criminal defense career as a public defender, fighting the criminal justice system on behalf of the indigent.  Although currently in private practice, Ms. Kenney still fights for justice on behalf of the indigent as a member of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Trial Panel in the Central and Southern Districts of California. Attorney Kenney has NEVER been a prosecutor and is committed to being the voice for those who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Lawyer Attributes

In addition to being a criminal lawyer, Ms. Kenney is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and assists other attorneys with complex fraud-related matters. Prior to becoming a successful trial attorney, Ms. Kenney had the privilege of performing as an NFL cheerleader during and after law school for the San Diego Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. The performance and public appearance skills obtained during her NFL cheerleading career have been a cornerstone in her relational skills to jurors during the jury trial process.  Ms. Kenney is a fearless advocate for her clients and will not back down when fighting for justice!

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