Don’t Lose Hope – God Will Get You Through This…

Being arrested and fighting a business or criminal case can be one of the most stressful and humiliating things you go through during your life.  You feel ashamed and find out people who you thought loved you, are turning their back on you now that you are fighting a court case.  It feels as if the only person who cares about you is your defense team.   

Don’t let your mistakes define who you are!  Don’t keep beating yourself up over the situation… you will get through this.  Here at Kenney Legal Defense our outstanding defense team cares about your well-being and offers resources to help deal with the mental anguish one goes through during this stressful process.  Here are some helpful links for you and your family where you will find hope and a future during and after the time your court case is over:

God Behind Bars – Prison ministry for inmates

Bayside Church Orange County – located in our home city of Costa Mesa

Harvest – Pastor Greg Laurie

Daily Hope

Celebrate Recovery

Hope for Mental Health

Saddleback Church – PEACE Center, Services and Support

Just for Moms of Incarcerated Loved Ones

Prison Fellowship – Help for Families

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