When Your Child is Arrested for a Crime… Don’t Give Up..Get Help From A Juvenile Crime Attorney

juvenile crime attorney
Juvenile Crime Defense


If your son or daughter is under the age of 18 and accused of committing a crime in Orange County, California,you need to hire a juvenile crime attorney immediately.  Your child will have to go through the juvenile delinquency system and only a juvenile crime attorney can help you through the process.  Although you are probably feeling extremely disappointed in your child’s behavior, don’t give up on him or her.  They need you more now than ever before to be supportive while they go through the juvenile delinquency process.  Through this process, your child will need your guidance and encouragement to make the changes necessary to avoid this happening again.


Giving Up On Your Child Only Makes Things Worse – Call A Juvenile Crime Attorney For Advice

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Juvenile Crime Attorney Can Advise You of the Options in Juvenile Delinquency Court 


As frustrating as it is to witness your child make poor decisions which land him or her in delinquency court, it’s not too late for a change in behavior.  Juvenile delinquency court is all about rehabilitation, not punishment.   If this is your child’s first offense, a diversion program may be a possibility, which is the best possible outcome.  If the crime is too serious to qualify for a diversion program, there are still options available.  The juvenile delinquency judges in Orange County want to help your child and are open to solutions that are tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.


If your son or daughter has developed a drug addiction that was a contributing factor to the criminal behavior, there is a specific type of juvenile court in Orange County to help your child.  Juvenile Drug Court offers your child treatment and supervision in helping him or her overcome their addiction.  This specialty court addresses drug addiction and alcohol abuse and provides your child with a specific program tailored to their treatment needs.  The juvenile judge will also require frequent progress review hearings in order to keep a close watch on your child’s progress through the program.  This is also the time to court will ask for your input on how your child is progressing towards getting back on track.


If your child is being charged with a criminal offense, you need to get legal help immediately.  The Kenney Legal Defense Corporation handles juvenile delinquency matters in Orange County, California and is here to help.  Visit the firm website or call (855) 505-5588 to schedule a free consultation with Juvenile Crime Attorney Karren Kenney.


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