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Tax investigation

Tips for a hiring an attorney for a tax investigation

Defending yourself from tax fraud or a tax investigation?  Be careful…

Any good steward of personal finances knows their money inside and out. You are on top of the situation, and it almost seems insulting to invite someone into this world.

True though this may be, it does not make you knowledgeable enough to defend yourself during an audit or criminal tax investigation. First, it takes years of experience and countless hours of study to truly understand Federal tax law. Second, you worked extremely hard to earn the money the government wants to grab, and it may even be an emotional connection. It’s difficult to take the emotion out of the equation and make good decisions within the law.

At the very least, you should consult a tax investigation attorney with experience in this area.


Do you really know what the government wants?

Knowing how to answer questions and responding only to necessary requests will make a huge difference as the investigation proceeds.

Too often, a potential defendant will simply answer every question and submit all the documents without consulting a tax investigation attorney and making sure they know what the government investigator has a right to know. These overly gracious individuals realize, all too late, that they need an attorney after “giving away the farm” and are faced with serious charges that extend well beyond the standard tax audit.

It is critically important to know that you need a defense attorney with federal tax fraud expertise as early as possible to find out what exactly is happening. You never know, a bank or similar business may have submitted records connected to you or your business and you may not even be aware that an investigation is underway.

This gives a federal agency or the IRS a significant jump start on the investigation and evidence they can present in court. Anytime you suspect you are being audited, it’s time to contact an attorney.


It matters how you respond

Detailed records and organized filing will help significantly in defense of possible tax fraud charges. This will give you a solid foundation to work from however; there are many ways to substantiate your financial history or items on a tax return beyond standard receipts and forms.

The IRS absolutely would prefer to deal directly with the tax payer as they likely don’t understand all the nuances of the law and third-party representation will no doubt lengthen the process.

Experienced representation will help you cleanly navigate an audit while negotiating with the IRS to avoid criminal charges and ultimately arrive at a favorable result. Do not face a federal agency alone.

Hiring the best defense attorney means finding someone with the most experience at a fair price. Someone who understands tax law in the state where you work.  Karren Kenney will bring this expertise in Orange County California, while clearly laying a path forward for you or your business. Call (855) 505-5588 or set up a free consultation by visiting our website.


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