Four Steps To Remember When Looking For A DUI Lawyer

You just finished dinner and cocktails with friends.  You had a few drinks, but in your mind, you think you are fine to drive the couple miles to get home. Unfortunately, the DUI detail team was lying in wait around the corner, just waiting for the restaurant patrons to leave so they could catch someone.  You end up getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI. No use beating yourself up for not taking an UBER. You have to focus and get past the mistake you made.  Just make sure you do not make another mistake by hiring a horrible DUI lawyer to defend you. After all, the punishment for a DUI can be expensive and severe. By choosing the right DUI lawyer, the punishment can possibly be negotiated down and reduced significantly. Follow these 4 steps in finding the right DUI lawyer.


Step 1: Find A DUI Lawyer Who Is Experienced:  Don’t hire a rookie to handle your case. Find a DUI lawyer who knows the court your case is in, and one who has extensive experience representing those charged with crimes. The right DUI lawyer might cost a bit more than the dump truck attorneys who charge a lot less but handle way too many cases, but keep in mind, you will get better service with an attorney who actually cares about you and the outcome of your case.

Step 2: Check The Lawyer’s Status With The State Bar: Make sure the attorney you are hiring has never been disciplined by the State Bar of California. This is easy to search on the State Bar’s website: You should only be seeking representation that is experienced with no history of being in trouble with the State Bar.

Step 3: Ask Your Friends And Family: Do you have any friends or family who have had a DUI before and had to hire a DUI lawyer? If so it’s imperative that you consult them and ask them about their experience. Don’t let embarrassment or pride hold you back. It’s a small price to pay in trying to obtain the best representation available. Take advantage of those who have already been through the process.

Step 4: Talk With The Attorney And Pick Someone You Feel The Most Comfortable With: Make sure you like the DUI lawyer you choose and feel comfortable with her representing your interests in court. If you get a bad feeling during the interview, take that as a sign that you need to move on and keep looking for someone you feel comfortable with. Don’t be pressured in hiring the first DUI lawyer you speak to if you are uneasy about it.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to find representation as soon as possible. Procrastinating won’t help your situation so don’t wait until the day before your court date to hire someone.


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