Wrongfully Accused of a Crime?? Take it to the Jury!!

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Letting the Jury Decide When You’re Wrongfully Accused

On September 8, 2016, a jury at the Orange County Superior Court Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, California found my client NOT GUILTY of a crime he did not commit after deliberating for only 20 minutes. Despite my efforts to inform several Deputy District Attorneys from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office about my client’s innocence and how he was wrongfully accused, they would not exercise any discretion and dismiss the case. Then again, that is no surprise considering the recent scandal involving the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

Here is an abbreviated version of the true facts. My gay client (Mr. A) was charged with misdemeanor battery against the alleged victim. Mr. A resided in a condominium complex with his partner. Below their unit lived the alleged victim and her attorney fiancé. One Sunday night, Mr.A and his partner had a few friends over. At around 11:00pm, the alleged victim was in a rage about the noise she heard coming from my client’s condo above her. Instead of calling the police or security, or asking her fiancé to go with her upstairs, she decided to storm up to Mr. A’s condo and confront the men. Mr. A had his front door propped open with a small trashcan due to a broken air conditioning unit and warm temperature in the unit. Instead of knocking and politely asking them to keep it down,, she barged into my client’s condo, slamming the door against the wall, and proceeded to yell profanity and derogatory comments at my client about his sexual orientation, using extremely hateful words including the word “faggots”. After yelling back asking who she was, ordering her to leave and calling her a “bitch”, she rushed Mr. A in his home, grabbed his shirt around the collar area, ripped it and a struggle ensued. Mr. A and his partner were able to forcefully remove her, and she was injured during the struggle because she would not willingly leave their condo.


The time finally came to question the witness who wrongfully accused my client.  Of course the alleged victim’s story was completely different on the witness stand. She told the jury after knocking on the door, several men came to the door and she went in. When she asked them to keep it down, she testified Mr. A and the other men just started to suddenly beat her up. It didn’t make sense. The jury saw right through her lies when she could not give any descriptive detail of how the beating occurred. In addition, the 911 call had her screaming profanity in a rage at Mr. A and his friends after the incident happened. In addition, her injuries were inconsistent with her claim of being severely beaten, with the pictures only showing one injury that was consistent with hitting her head on the door jam while she was being ejected. Thank God for the jury system! They saw right through the false testimony and lies, and sent a message by rendering a “not guilty” verdict in only 20 minutes. Too bad tax payer money was wasted on this case, which should have never been filed if it had been properly investigated.

If you or a loved one are being wrongfully accused of committing a crime and you need an attorney to fight for your innocence and let a jury decide, contact Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense Corporation for assistance.

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