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Federal charges

federal chargesIf you find yourself in a position where you are facing federal charges in one state but reside in another state, where do you seek legal representation since you will be fighting the charges from out of state? In such a situation, it is important that you hire a federal criminal defense attorney to minimize the impact these charges will have on your life. There are some court appearances where the attorney may be able to appear or coordinate an appearance through another attorney without your presence being necessary, and often they can make a case to keep you in your home and not detained for a good portion of the trial. The most common way to be charged with a federal criminal offense is being charged with wire fraud charges. The prosecutor must prove that some of the illegal activities that you are charged with traveled over state lines, whether that be through phone calls, emails or other electronic forms.

Knowing this you may want a federal criminal defense attorney from the state you reside in since they will be well positioned to help you fight the wire fraud charges you have likely been charged with. Although they will technically be an out of state attorney for the state that your charges have been filed in, they can be eligible for pro hac vice admission if they practice solely on your or your business’ behalf, does not live in nor is regularly employed by an office in the state you were charged in or resides in that state but has offices in other states and practices no more temporarily in this state either under pro hac vice admission or in other ways. A federal criminal defense attorney who has received admission under pro hac vice can represent you in the state that you are facing charges in. They work with an attorney who is licensed to practice in that state and with that assistance, mount the best defense they can to fight the wire fraud charges you are likely charged with. The attorney you have retained will search out a consulting attorney through their contacts or through thorough research. Together, these attorneys will work together and utilize their combined knowledge about the details of your case and the laws of the state in which you are facing federal criminal charges or federal charges to make sure you are the represented in the best way.

If you find yourself facing wire fraud charges in a state you used to reside in but no longer live in and you are worried about your options, retaining a federal criminal defense attorney is your best option. An attorney who is well versed in federal criminal law will know how best to review the evidence against you and determine the theory prosecutor may be pursuing in trying to obtain a conviction on your federal charges. They can use their knowledge to ensure that you have the best possible chance at succeeding in your case while allowing you to balance the stresses of your day-to-day life and lessening your expenses of having to travel to your out of state attorney’s office.

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