If Accused Of A White Collar Crime Immediately Call A Defense Attorney

White Collar Defense Attorney

White collar crimes encompass a wide variety of unlawful financially motivated activity including investment fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, embezzlement, wire fraud, credit card fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud and money laundering. The following are a few basic steps suggested by defense attorney Karren Kenney to follow if you or someone you know are under investigation for a state or federal white collar crime in Orange County, California.

1.     Hire a Defense Attorney Immediately

Many people don’t realize that they can actually hire a defense attorney to represent them before white collar crime charges are filed against them.  If you hire a white collar crime attorney  as soon as you are alerted to an investigation, your defense attorney can contact the investigating agency and talk to the actual investigator who is investigating you.  Also, if the attorney has established connections with the prosecuting authorities, she may be able to convince the prosecutor to not file any charges or work out a resolution before any charges are filed.  This obviously depends on the circumstances of your particular situation.

2.     Let Your Defense Attorney Evaluate Potential Evidence

Most white collar crime cases involve months of investigation before charges are ever filed. During this time, law enforcement is obtaining search warrants to seize what they believe could be potential evidence. These search warrants are usually for bank records, credit card accounts, investment accounts and other related financial accounts. As law enforcement is busy obtaining the evidence, the suspect usually has no idea until law enforcement contacts them for an interview. It is highly advised that if a person is aware of the investigation, they should take all necessary precautions to avoid their accounts being frozen.  If this is not done, and there are large amounts still in the accounts, law enforcement may seize all the money and the suspect may later be in a position where he or she will not be able to hire the white collar crime defense attorney of their choice.

By evaluating all potential evidence with your defense attorney, you can start preparing your defense well in advance of charges being filed.  If necessary, this will give you time to obtain your own forensic accounting of your bank records and financial activity that will be at issue.  The Kenney Legal Defense Corporation can help you get started immediately.  In addition to being and Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney, Ms. Kenney is also a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) through the Association of Certified Fraud Specialists.     For more information, visit the firm’s website or call toll free (855) 505-5588 to schedule a free consultation.


bIf you or someone you know is being accused of a white collar crime, contact Defense Attorney Karren Kenney at the Kenney Legal Defense Corporation and get a head start on preparing your defense before charges are filed at (855) 505-5588.

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