How FBI Corruption Affects Everyone

Lately it has become quite clear that FBI corruption is rampant through the federal justice system.  With the recent FISA warrant scandal that was a result of FBI corruption, the American people want answers as to why the FBI is given so much power.

FBI Corruption Exists Because There is No Checks and Balances

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is perhaps the most powerful law enforcement agency in the United States today, largely because they are a self governing body. While the FBI does report to the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Intelligence Committee as a unified agency, internally, it is impossible for both of these federal branches to manage every operation the FBI is engaged in. Therefore, because the FBI manages their daily operations on their own, their power is often abused and unchecked, allowing for corruption of the agency to occur within the federal justice system.

The power from the FBI stems from their ability to investigate and make use of federal resources to invade the privacy of individuals that is authorized only by the bureau itself, not by any other government entity. This obviously results in FBI corruption.  In 2011, the FBI decided to update their Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide to enhance the power of FBI agents further. This update, not approved or presented to by Congress or the Attorney General, was only mandated by the FBI itself. One of the most notable changes into the manual was that FBI agents no longer need to make a record of performing a database search on commercial and law enforcement interfaces. What that means is that agents can search information about people or individuals around someone, without any justification for the search, and never document the inquiry. To think that FBI agents can use databases to pry into people’s lives who have nothing to do with a case or suspect, possibly for the personal gain of the agent themselves, is horrifying to think about. Other enhancements to the manual involve: lie detector tests, trash searches, authorizing informants to appear at religious ceremonies, and much more. FBI corruption needs to be extinguished from our justice system.

FBI Corruption Results in Spying on ALL Americans

With the FBI being allowed to delve into people’s personal information, without cause to do so, agents could have motive to hang that information over possible defendants and those close to them. This affects the rights of a defendant because even if a suspect in question is poised to go to trial, the FBI could bring information into the defendant’s case that is out of the scope of the trial entirely. Even more harrowing, the FBI could force the defendant to take a plea deal by blackmailing them to investigate the defendant further, forcing defendants to succumb to the will of the FBI. This then comes back to the FBI corruption of being able to carry out all of these corrupt actions without reprimand, because the bureau manages itself, and will allow such manipulation because they do not want scandals or notions of corruption from arising within the agency.

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