Criminal Background Check for Convictions

background checkA criminal background check has become an integral part of assuring employers that their future and current employees are exactly who they say they are. It has become almost second nature for companies and employers to routinely include a preliminary or supplementary background check as a part of every individual’s application process. As a prospective applicant, getting a job in the modern U.S. market is growing increasingly difficult, especially into mid-level and lucrative paying fields of the economy. As it stands, a background check often brings up information that is not included on a standard application, such as your credit history, prior employment opportunities, and most importantly, your criminal record. Out of all the additional information that is discovered on a routine background check from a future employer, a prior criminal record has the largest impact on an applicant’s chances of getting a job.

Getting Your Dream Job with a Criminal Record on Your Background Check

Let’s suppose that you are applying to your dream job and you have a prior criminal record on file. Despite being convicted and sentenced for your previous charges, you’re feeling confident that you’ve become a changed person and been on your best behavior to turn your life around for the better. However, despite your changed lifestyle and all your efforts to make yourself an appealing applicant, your criminal record still remains on public file, and available to your dream employer.  Going into your final interview, your future boss performs a standard background check before you arrive and discovers that you have been convicted of a prior misdemeanor. Bearing this in mind, they weigh this in with the strength of your application and final interview, and decide not to give you the job. While you may be an attractive candidate for the position, your criminal record turns your employer away and costs you a chance at your dream job. How can this situation have gone differently?

Clearing Your Record and Getting the Job After a Criminal Background Check

Let’s suppose you are in the same scenario as before with the same employer, same criminal background, but with a covered up criminal history. If you have served your sentence and a year has elapsed since your sentencing, then you are eligible for a conviction expungement of your criminal record and hide away the conviction from the public eye, and most notably, your employer. Expungement allows convicted individuals to hide their past from most of the general public and make it appear as if you were not convicted at all. If you retain an experienced expungement attorney, they will be able to get your conviction hidden away from future employers by working with the courts and you will have a better chance at getting your dream job. Returning to the scenario, this time around going into the final interview, your future boss performs their standard background check and the criminal conviction of your past does not come up. Seeing nothing wrong with your background and an appealing application, your future employer offers you the job on the spot and you have just landed your dream job!

Expungement Attorney Can Help to Get You the Job and Avoiding Negative Criminal Background Check

The impact that a prior criminal record on a criminal background check can have on any individual trying to secure a new job is enormous and should be cleared up at all costs. In order to make sure that you get both your dream job and your criminal background hidden away from the general public during a background check, an experienced expungement attorney should be retained to handle all of your needs. The team at Kenney Legal Defense Corporation have been dealing with expungement cases and work relentlessly to clear client records from a background check. If you or a loved one is need of clearing any criminal record, contact Karren Kenney at (855) 505-5588 right away!

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