Tips to Find The Highest, Qualified & Professional Orange County DUI Attorney

DUI stands for Driving Under Influence (DUI) and is the body of law that includes criminal drunk driving which is a serious offense. This offense can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances.  Being found guilty in this type of case can cost you a long time in jail and  having your license suspended and being subject to huge fines and fees. If you are thinking about handling your own case yourself then you are indirectly inviting problems. Lack of experience, knowledge, and expertise in this field can lead you to negative consequences. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose only trained, qualified, and experienced DUI attorneys as they are the expert in the specific DUI laws. From explaining the charges to their client to recommending the best course of action to take, representing the client in court to handling the administrative tasks, they play a major role to fight against the charges that have been put on you. 

DUI Attorney

However, finding an Orange County DUI attorney is not an easy task as there are so many professionals in the county who are experts in their field. Therefore, we bring you this blog listing with ideal tips that will assist you in finding the highest, qualified, and professional Orange County DUI attorney. Check it out-


Reputation is an important factor to consider while choosing the professional for a DUI case. You must choose the one which has a good reputation.  It will give you a clear picture if they are good at their job or not. Don’t associate yourself with an attorney who has a record of being disciplined by the State Bar of California. DUI cases are a serious matter and you shouldn’t hurry to choose your attorney. You must take time to know about the reputation of the chosen professional and pick the one that you are most comfortable with.  Keep in mind, the one you choose may not be the cheapest.

Read Reviews

Read past client reviews in order to get a sense of the type of attorney you will be working with. You should consider taking the time and read reviews of the current and past clients who encounter their services. Several websites are perfect to read reviews of highly reputable DUI attorneys live AVVO and Justia.

Skills & Experience

Choose a lawyer who is skilled and at the same time, experienced in the field. By the word skilled, we mean that she should have academic qualifications. Reputable Orange County DUI attorneys usually post their academic qualifications on different websites. So, you can check it out on the web. Along with the skills, choose the one who has a minimum of 5 years of experience in her field. A more experienced DUI attorney gives favorable outcomes since they are intimately familiar with the courts they regularly appear in to hand DUI cases.

The above-listed points are a few of the tips that you should consider while searching for a reputable, highly skilled and professional DUI attorney in Orange County. Our choice is obviously Orange County DUI attorney Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense.  The defense team at Kenney Legal Defense can be reached at 855-505-5588! 

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