Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

A defense attorney is the defendant’s adviser, guardian, and confidant inside the complicated criminal court system. Defense attorneys are often divided into two categories: court-appointed attorneys, who are publicly funded, and private counsel, who are paid by the client.

Some criminal defendants have the financial means to engage a private criminal defense counsel. If a defendant cannot afford to hire, the court may assign counsel to represent them. This judicial counsel must be either public defenders who are employed by the government or “panel lawyers,” who are local attorneys selected from one panel. A tiny percentage of criminal defendants represent themselves in court and are known as “pro se” or “pro per” litigants.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in OC

Criminal defense attorneys, both private and court-appointed, gather information, examine the case against their clients, and attempt to reach agreements with their opponents, i.e., prosecutors. Reducing bail, dropping a few charges, and lenient sentences are all possible outcomes of these accords.

Deal-making has risen in prominence and has become a crucial component in untangling the criminal justice system as a result of a variety of circumstances, including political and public demand, congested jails, and packed court calendars.

Criminal defense attorneys also scrutinize witnesses, assist in the formulation of a plea, examine the prosecutor’s case, evaluate the potential sentences, review search warrants procedures, inquire about witnesses, and build a case.

Defense counsel also provides additional personal services, such as providing the client a bit of perspective on the probable outcomes and assisting the defendant in dealing with the frustrations and worries that come with being thrust into the criminal court system.

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The Legal Firm of Kenney Legal Defense is a prominent criminal defense law office with years of expertise. We are here to help you through difficult times and to assist you in every step along the way. If you are being accused of a crime in Orange County and your freedom is threatened, we will fight for your rights and provide you the best possible outcomes.

Our office is filled with skilled and reputed Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orange County, and they will fight for you all through the course of your trial to get the desired outcome.

We take pleasure in the service we deliver to our customers at Kenney Legal Defense. We are always available to our clients, which implies you will have easy accessibility to your attorneys rather than just the staff. So reach out to us and let us help you.

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