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Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County, CA

Inside the sophisticated courtroom, a defense attorney serves as the defendant’s counsel, protector, and ally. Defense attorneys are sometimes separated into two types: judicially attorneys paid by the government and independent counsel who the client compensates for.


The Kenney Legal Defense Firm is a well-known criminal defense firm in Orange County, California. Karren Kenney, a criminal defense attorney, provides hands-on, persistent, standard, and professional counsel in all misdemeanors and felony matters, including DUI, drug charges, theft offenses, restraining orders, and severe and destructive felonies.


Protecting the accused is a wonderful way of preserving the legitimacy of our criminal justice system as well as the meaning and value of our constitution. As a result, she puts her heart and everything into every case and works tirelessly for every one of her clients, no matter how severe the charges or how grueling and scary the process is. With this mindset, Kenney Legal Defense methodically evaluates each case, investigating and litigating every potential defense.

Always Hire an Expert

Deal-making has grown in popularity and importance in unraveling the criminal justice system due to several factors, including public and government demand, overcrowded jails, and filled court calendars.


Criminal defense counsel also investigates witnesses, aids in drafting a plea, studies the prosecutor’s case, evaluates prospective penalties, examines search warrant processes, enquires about witnesses, and constructs a case.


Defense counsel also provides extra specific services, such as giving the client insight on the likely results and aiding the defendant in coping with the disappointments and fears that accompany being forced into the criminal system.

Leading Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged or detained for a crime, you must get a qualified and skilled lawyer to defend your case. The competence and knowledge of your lawyer may greatly affect your case, leading to lower penalties or increased fines. Therefore, a lawyer with the ability, skill, and training is required to defend a challenging criminal case.


Kenney’s strategy has always resulted in favorable outcomes. Her mission is to educate the prosecutor on the nuances and complexities of a case and any and all errors in the prosecution’s account of the case. Kenney then tirelessly pursues the result that, in light of the facts, is by far fair and suitable to her client’s needs.


With over 25 years of arbitration and jury trial experience in criminal situations involving misdemeanors, felonies, and federal accusations, Criminal Defense Lawyer Karren Kenney knows the need to develop a comprehensive and effective plan to defend her clients.


Karren Kenney, a criminal lawyer, is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with extensive expertise in Organized Crime cases. So even whether you are under investigation, have received a notice, or are anticipating prosecution, our experts can address every one of your criminal defense issues.


Kenney Legal Defense is a well-known criminal defense legal firm with years of experience. We are here to support you at every step of the road and to help you get through challenging circumstances. If you are charged with a crime in Orange County and your liberty is in jeopardy, we will battle for your interests and get you the maximum suited conclusion.




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