A female FBI agent is speaking on the phone with a colleague about a domestic terrorism case.

Does The FBI Overstep The Boundaries Investigating Domestic Terrorism?

According to the FBI, domestic terrorism is a violent and aggressive criminal act deliberately committed on the basis of a misguided ideology related to religion, politics, social progress, perceived racial differences, or environmental factors. Domestic terrorism occurs inside the United States and is used as an attempt to intimidate the population, forcefully influence changes in government policy, or stop government employees from doing their jobs.

Domestic terrorism is considered a federal offense due to the number of victims these crimes leave behind, the psychological damage it does to a nation, and the usual violent methods the putative terrorists use to plan and employ their attack(s). Domestic terrorism is investigated by the FBI and cases are tried in the federal court system.

In truth, the FBI has been known, since its inception, for various ‘tactics’ they use to create fake situations to catch so-called criminals. While the FBI does find and put away extremely dangerous criminals, some of their methods are extremely suspect. Many view these suspect tactics as outrageous government conduct because they are the result of prodding and inducements by FBI informants and UC agents, that can completely destroy an innocent person’s life.

Domestic Terrorism Since 2014

Occasionally, the FBI has been found to create terrorists, or terrorist cells, in their search for a crisis. If you have been accused of domestic terrorism, especially if you were encouraged by the federal government to commit a crime, you need an effective attorney who understands how to fight injustice, even when it comes from our own government. Entrapment by our own government is real, and it is a complete affirmative defense in certain situations.

The years 2020 and 2021 have had the highest number of domestic terrorism incidents than in the entire recorded history of this problem. In 2021 alone, there were 73 attacks or plots in 18 states, and from 2020- 2021, the number of fatalities increased from 5 to 30 individuals. The increase in incidences began in 2014, with no signs of stopping.

Unfortunately, the incidences of the FBI engaging in outrageous government conduct and entrapping people that they believe could commit a crime have become somewhat of a common practice. As it is against the law for our government to arrest us for thought-crimes, they have found that their encouragement and pressure can cause a disgruntled person to physically break the law and commit a federal crime by helping their thoughts come to fruition.

The Gretchen Whitmer Case

A few years ago, the FBI arrested four men they believed to be engaging in domestic terrorism by plotting to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They were, admittedly, members of a far-right group that disagreed with COVID-19 restrictions and were venting their anger in ways that were not productive.

When the men were arrested, the media claimed that there was a ton of evidence that these men were guilty and that there was no doubt of their treachery. During the investigation, however, it was revealed that the FBI agents looking into the case may be guilty of entrapment by paying at least 12 informants to encourage the men, and help them to commit the crimes they were only discussing with each other.

It is believed that the FBI discovered a group of individuals engaged in what the authorities believed was violent rhetoric and found a way to turn these men’s wishes into reality by employing outside forces to give them everything they would need to commit such a crime. These men in particular said that there was no actual kidnapping/murder plan until the feds became involved. If it wasn’t for the FBI, according to the men, they never would have seriously thought about committing such a crime.

How Does the FBI Overstep in Domestic Terrorism Sting Operations?

Counter-terrorist techniques employed by the FBI have manufactured illegal activity before. Investigative journalist, Trevor Aaronson, found that, since 9/11, the FBI has created an elaborate system of 15,000 informants for domestic Islamic terrorist claims and that some FBI informants are paid up to $100,000 for their services. These services include: creating the plots, funding the operations, finding cohorts, providing weapons (guns/bombs), and offering help with any necessary transportation.  Your taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the FBI officers who target an individual who is angry, plant the idea of insurrection in their head, create an elaborate plot meant to kill people/cause mass chaos and provide them with all the means they need to do the job. While not every investigation is done this way, many are, and with such overreach, manipulation, and overt control, how can a civilian get a fair trial? What did the accused actually do?

Have you, or someone you love, been accused of domestic terrorism? Not just any lawyer can protect you. You need an attorney with federal court experience and a proven track record of excellence.

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