Attorney Trial Support, Orange County


  • We have tried over 70 cases to jury… and we are still counting!
  • We collaborate with the previous attorney and use their knowledge to better understand the case and get the best possible result for their client.
  • We know how to keep the client involved in every stage of the case. We learn from your story, understand your concerns and work proactively to address them and quell your fears.
  • Kenney Legal Defense Corporation is committed to effectively collaborating with the referring attorney, understanding both their needs and their clients needs, allowing for the best possible result for the client.


  • We would love to be able to use your previous knowledge of the case to best serve your client.
  • Trials can be daunting. They are the one thing standing between your client and the possibility of freedom. Referring a case to Kenney Legal Defense Corporation means that you will have someone to work with you– someone who can handle the trial aspect of the case.
  • Kenney Legal Defense Corporation is focused on trial support work and litigation. When you refer a case to us you will know both you and your client are in good hands.
  • We are able and qualified to help on both civil and criminal cases.


First Chair Assistance

  • We would be lead counsel in the jury trial with you sitting as second chair. You would be able to advise us and provide us with your opinions each step of the way. Allowing you to be a part of the trial while alleviating the stress of actually running the trial would allow you to present the best case for your client.
  • As First Chair, Kenney Legal Defense Corporation would be able to run the jury selection, present opening statements, cross examine both witnesses and experts as well as present closing arguments in the case.

Second Chair Assistance

  • We would sit second chair while you are lead counsel in the jury trial. Should you need any assistance or support, we will be right there to provide that. We can provide assistance with jury selection, cross examination of witnesses, closing arguments and anything else you may need.

Jury Trial Support Consultation

  • We would meet with you and guide you through the often complicated process of jury selection as well as providing strategy advice. We have been in multiple trials and have the experience to support you and provide both honest and useful opinions on the jury selection process as well as strategy advice.
  • Presenting a case to a jury requires a strategy plan based on the issues in the case– this allows for the chance for the jury to best connect with your client and their background. These men and women are the single most important part of the case; they are the ultimate decision makers for your client’s future. Having Kenney Legal Defense Corporation on your side would be an invaluable asset to the case, your client, and yourself.


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