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When Is The Right Time To Call Your Criminal Attorney Fullerton?


Many people don’t know when they should call their criminal attorney fullerton. If the police place you under arrest, you shouldn’t give them any information more than your name. Before you answer any other question, you should call your defense lawyer. You do have the right to remain silent and speak only to your attorney.


When you are Arrested

The moment you are arrested, you should ask to call your criminal attorney fullerton. Many times the police will interrogate you asking you to answer some simple questions. You don’t have to answer them. So it is recommended to know a good attorney in advance.


After Coming Out of Jail

If you didn’t have an attorney’s contact in the first place, you should meet a criminal attorney fullerton after coming out of the jail. Make sure to find yourself an experienced and accomplished lawyer. Some of the ways to find the right attorney include:

  • Ask friends and relatives for an attorney they may recommend
  • Search online for attorneys with excellent reviews
  • Meet a lawyer in person for a consultation

You should never face an interrogation by the police without the presence of your lawyer. It can make your case worse even when you are innocent.


How can a Good Criminal Attorney Help You?

There are so many ways in which a good criminal attorney fullerton can help you. This can include the following:

  • Helping in having your bail bonds reduced by a huge margin
  • Ensuring that you are not overwhelmed during the questioning by the police
  • Helping you get probation in place of jail term
  • Helping in getting your charges dismissed or reduced

There are many ways that your criminal attorney fullerton can help you. So the moment you find yourself being charged with a crime, make sure to call your lawyer to make your case stronger.


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