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Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach

Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach - Kenney Legal Defense


How Can A Criminal Attorney Help Reduce or Modify Your Sentence?


When you have a criminal attorney huntington beach beside you, it can mean a reduced, modified or even dropped sentence. Most of the defendants who get convicted usually serve the sentences they were handed down. However, you can always take steps to have your sentence modified. You cannot expect the prosecutor or court to take the steps to help reduce, modify or correct your sentence.

Only your private criminal attorney huntington beach can help you in this regard.


Facing Illegal Sentences? Call Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach

Many defendants face illegal sentences which are not based on law or which were based on some clerical error. Having a private attorney can help you get correction based on the rules. For example, the federal system gives you the opportunity to apply for correction for technical, arithmetical or any kind of “clear errors” within a stipulated time period. this time period is set to be 14 days for a trial court. And you cannot expect to do it without the help of a criminal attorney huntington beach.


Conditions When Sentence Can be Corrected or Modified

Some of the cases where your attorney can help you include the following:

  • When a sentence has been imposed without jurisdiction.
  • It is an ambiguous sentence with regard to how you must serve it.
  • When you have been sentenced without conformity to the requirements of the applicable statute.
  • If the sentence doesn’t comply with a plea bargain
  • If the sentence is not consistent with the oral pronouncement by the judge


If your criminal attorney huntington beach can argue on appeal that you were meted out illegal sentence, the case can be sent back for re-sentencing. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, make sure to find an attorney immediately to explore all the aspects. An experienced and specialized lawyer can make a huge difference to your case.


Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach - Kenney Legal Defense





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