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Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney

How Can A Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach Help Get You the Best Outcome?

When you have a criminal attorney Huntington Beach beside you, it can mean a reduced, modified or even a dismissed case. With all of the bars and restaurants in the Huntington Beach, numerous alcohol related criminal cases get filed in the West Justice Center of the Orange County Superior Court.  If you partied a little too hard in Surf City and are now fighting a criminal case, the criminal defense team at Kenney Legal Defense can help so contact us today!

Facing a DUI? Call Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach

One of the most common types of criminal cases that arise in Huntington Beach  is .. you guessed it  .. a DUI or Driving Under the Influence.  Hiring a private attorney can help you get the best possible sentence in a DUI case, especially if it is not your first DUI offense.  You do not want to go into court if you have had a prior DUI case within 10 years of this new DUI offense.  Facing the judge at your arraignment for a DUI with a prior offense will not go well if you show up to represent yourself.  You really do need to obtain the help of a criminal attorney Huntington Beach.

Drunk in Public Offenses in Huntington Beach

Another type of crime that is prosecuted in Huntington Beach is a Penal Code section 647(f) offense, known as Drunk in Public.  The Huntington Beach Police Department is busy on Friday and Saturday nights arresting people on Main Street downtown as they leave the bars, when the appear too intoxicated to care for themselves.  If you are one of these people, Kenney Legal Defense can help . Karren Kenney is a criminal attorney Huntington Beach  and has successfully been able to obtain complete dismissals for these types of cases.. If you have been charged with an alcohol related criminal offense, or any other type of criminal offense, make sure to call Kenney Legal Defense immediately to explore all your options. Attorney Karren Kenney is a specialized lawyer and she can make a huge difference to your criminal case.

Criminal Attorney Huntington Beach - Kenney Legal Defense

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