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Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney

Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney

Have you recently been cited or arrested in Huntington Beach?  Do you find yourself now needing help from a Criminal Attorney in Huntington Beach?  Most of the criminal cases that arise in the city of Huntington Beach are alcohol-related offenses.  These offenses include drunk in public, drunk driving, bar fights, drug crimes, and theft.   If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in Huntington Beach or throughout Southern California and you need the help of an experienced criminal attorney in Huntington Beach, call Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney today at (855) 505-5588  or use the contact form to schedule your free consultation.

Kenney Legal Defense offers the best representation if you have been arrested in Huntington Beach or anywhere else in Southern California.  You need the best Huntington Beach criminal defense lawyer in Southern California who understands the unique details of your charges and will carefully examine every detail to build a successful criminal defense strategy for your case. Attorney Kenney is a criminal attorney who handles cases that occur in Huntington Beach and throughout Southern California.  She frequently represents clients in the West Justice Center where all local cases from Huntington Beach are filed and prosecuted.

Types of Cases Handled by a Criminal Attorney in Huntington Beach

Attorney Kenney provides legal counsel and representation to clients in a variety of State & Federal Criminal Defense matters, including the following:

Alcohol-related Offenses (drunk in public, DUI, bar fights)

Federal Crimes including wire fraud, money laundering, drug offenses, gun offenses, healthcare fraud, and many others

All Conviction Appeals & Writs,
Assault and Battery
Misdemeanor & Felony Charges
State & Federal Asset Seizure Resulting from Criminal Activities
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes, Possession
Transportation & Sales
Three Strikes Legal Defense and Prop 47 Resentencing Matters
Violent Crimes
Firearm Enhancements

Karren Kenney – Criminal Attorney

Attorney Kenney has been perfecting her game for over twenty-five years in Southern California.  She is familiar with what the Huntington Beach City Attorney and District Attorney’s offices look for in deciding whether to file formal charges against someone who has been arrested or cited.  She is reliable, experienced, and well-versed in federal and criminal justice law.  Attorney Kenney knows her way around the courtroom as well as the rights afforded to every defendant under the U.S. Constitution. When having an expert in criminal law matters, Huntington Beach Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense is the only choice for the best defense against criminal charges. Call today for a free case quote!

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