Criminal Attorneys Near Me

What To Look For In A Criminal Attorney

Potential clients who are searching the internet with the keyword criminal attorneys near me are often those who need legal representation right away. Since it is important to find the right attorney for the case, these are some factors the Kenney Legal Defense team urges clients to consider before hiring a law firm.

criminal attorney near me

1 – Passion For The Law

When selecting from the search results for criminal attorneys near me, you should choose one who is an expert and will fight and defend your case. Law firms that truly care about the law, justice, and their clients will work hard and only charge reasonable fees based upon the desired results the client is seeking.  Many criminal defense attorneys advertise they are “former prosecutors” thinking this is a great quality in choosing the right lawyer.  Those who think this need to realize former prosecutors have actually put people behind bars and are not necessarily passionate about helping the accused.  The best defense attorney will have never been a prosecutor.  The best defense attorney has a track record of fighting for justice for their clients.

2 – Years Of Experience In Criminal Law

Not all lawyers are the same. During a criminal case, only a lawyer with a criminal law background should serve as your legal defense. Bringing a divorce attorney to a criminal trial is ill-advised as they may not have the same expertise and experiences as a criminal attorney.  The same goes for hiring a general practicing lawyer that dabbles in several areas of the law.

3 – Compassion And Understanding

Criminal cases tend to deal with sensitive subject matters. The compassionate and understanding team at Kenney Legal Defense will handle all cases with discretion, privacy, and utmost sensitivity, an important trait for all criminal lawyers.  Kenney Legal Defense approaches each case strategically, focusing on the individual, and determines the best approach to accomplish the desired outcome for the client.

Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney from Kenney Legal Defense offers a free 30-minute phone evaluation and quotes for services.  Simply fill out the contact us form and get started on your defense or call 855-505-5588.

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