DUI & Criminal Attorney Offers A Criminal Evaluation $500.00 Value

DUI & criminal attorney Kenney Legal Defense in Orange County is now offering a free case evaluation to new clients. A value equaling $500, this is a great opportunity to have an experienced criminal and federal defense attorney look over your case. Karren Kenney with Kenney Legal Defense knows the importance of developing a comprehensive and effective strategy in defending her clients. With over 20 years of litigation and jury trial experience in local criminal cases involving misdemeanors, felonies and federal offenses, Karren Kenney is equipped with the legal tools to help defendants fight charges against them.

A former public defender, Karren Kenney has dedicated her career to defending people who have been criminally charged and ensuring that they take full advantage of the protections available to them under the law. Kenney is a tenacious litigator who is well respected in the legal community and has been acknowledged by peers for her commitment to clients and ability in the courtroom.

Karren Kenney has earned not only the respect of her local Orange County community members, but also the respect of judges and prosecutors in the area. With many years of litigation experience, she takes to heart the protections that are guaranteed under the constitution and aggressively fights to make sure defendants who are charged with a crime are ensured all of their rights under the law.

Karren Kenney of Kenney Legal Defense knows that when faced with a criminal or federal fight in court, having legal leverage can be the key that can often make the difference between freedom and incarceration. Kenney proves that there is no substitute for having a pro in the fight, who knows how to use her expertise to gain legal leverage and a better outcome for her clients.

If your facing criminal charges in the Orange County area, you need a DUI & Criminal Attorney so take advantage of this fantastic offer. Contact Karren Kenney at Kenney Legal Defense for your best chance at avoiding imprisonment.

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