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Why You Should Hire Karren Kenney – One of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys


Criminal Defense Lawyer - Kenney Legal Defense
Criminal Defense Lawyer – Kenney Legal Defense

From Orange County, Karren Kenney has spent her entire legal career litigating cases throughout Southern California. As a former Senior Deputy Public Defender at the Orange County Public Defender’s Officer, she became one of the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County. Ms. Kenney has tried over 100 criminal jury trials at the state and federal level. Her litigation experience includes numerous aggravated white-collar crime cases involving healthcare fraud, investment fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, real estate fraud, worker’s compensation fraud and embezzlement. Karren Kenney is specialized in arson, assault and battery, asset forfeiture, attorney trial support, burglary, business defense, carjacking, conspiracy charges, criminal appeal & writs of habeas corpus, criminal threat, domestic violence defense, driving under suspended license, drug crime defense, drunk in public, DUI, embezzlement, entrapment, expungements, extortion, FBI investigations, federal offenses, felonies, gang crime defense, healthcare fund, homeland security investigations, identity theft, internet crimes, juvenile defense, kidnapping, marijuana laws, manslaughter defense, misdemeanors, hit and run, money laundering, murder defense, petty theft & shoplifting, prostitution, resisting arrest, RICO crimes, search and seizure, smuggling illegal aliens, stalking, theft, vandalism and witness tampering.


Criminal Defense Attorney Karren Kenney passionately defends and fights for her clients’ rights and freedom, which is best exemplified by her outstanding criminal defense track record in the courtroom. She practices state and federal criminal defense exclusively all over and diligently handles each of her cases with persistence, passion, and principles. Karren Kenney Criminal Defense Lawyer is an experienced and aggressive trial attorney and believes in thorough case preparation in order to provide the best possible defense for her clients.


No matter how daunting your criminal case may seem, there is almost always a way to fight it. Don’t give up. Fight for what you believe in and contact Criminal Defense Lawyer Karren Kenney for the BEST Orange County Criminal Defense. Whether you are fighting a government prosecution team or your business is under attack, you need to start planning your defense NOW.


If you want a criminal defense lawyer who can get you the best criminal defense results possible for your circumstances, click here to contact Kenney Legal Defense today for a free phone consultation., (855) 505-5588


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