Criminal Defense Attorney Offering – FREE Case Evaluation

Criminal Defense Attorney Kenney Legal Defense, Orange County’s leading criminal and federal defense attorney is now offering a free case evaluation to new and existing clients. Valued at $500, this free case evaluation extends to criminal and federal offenses ranging from white collar crimes and felonies to DUI’s, misdemeanors, assault and battery and more. The experts at Kenney Legal Defense have over 20 years of litigation and jury trial experience. They know the importance of developing a comprehensive and effective strategy in defending their clients.

A former public defender, Karren Kenney has dedicated her career to defending people who have been criminally charged and ensuring that they take full advantage of the protections available to them under the law. Karen Kenney is a tenacious litigator who is well respected in the legal community and has been acknowledged by peers for her commitment to clients and ability in the courtroom.

Karren Kenny has been perfecting her game for over twenty years in Orange County. She is reliable, experienced and well versed in federal and criminal justice law; she knows her way around the courtroom as well as the rights afforded to every defendant under the U.S. constitution. When faced with a criminal charge or DUI in Orange County, having an experienced legal defense lawyer is crucially important. It goes to reason the better the defense, the higher the probability the verdict will land on the side of the defendant.

“Hands down one of the top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orange County! I have referred Karren Kenney to a few individuals in my circle and all have come back with rave reviews,” states one client.

If you’re facing a criminal or federal case in court, now’s the time to seek legal advice from the top legal defense experts in the industry. Don’t take a chance with your freedom! Contact Kenney Legal Defense for the best representation and outcome possible.

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