Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Skilled Legal Representation for Clients Facing Drug Crime Prosecution

There are many ways you can be charged with a drug crime in California. Many types of narcotics are considered “controlled substances,” and it is illegal in this state to possess them, sell them, or transport them. If you have been charged with a drug crime in California, you could potentially face severe penalties. Karren Kenney is an accomplished criminal defense attorney who has dedicated her career to representing individuals in Orange County who are under prosecution for drug crimes. Ms. Kenney will take the time to evaluate the circumstances of your case and the defenses that you can raise. She has obtained numerous trial victories, but she may also be able to negotiate for reduced charges or even get your charges dropped, depending on your situation. Ms. Kenney works tenaciously to stand up for your rights.

Fighting Drug Crimes Charges

You may be subject to prosecution if you possess or distribute cocaine, heroin, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or methamphetamine. The consequences for these offenses vary in severity, but they can range anywhere from time in the county jail to a sentence in state or federal prison. The charges and penalties usually hinge on the classification of the drug, as well as the amount, and whether it was only possessed or whether it was intended for sale. Possession of drugs for the purpose of selling is considered a felony that can carry a sentence of up to four years.

Even if you aren’t actually in possession of a controlled substance, you may be prosecuted if you possess drug paraphernalia. It is unlawful in California to have any device that may be used to administer a narcotic. This means that it is crucial to have competent legal representation on your side to make sense of the laws as they relate to your case. Having the correct drug crime defense will make all the difference

Fortunately, there are often many ways to protect your rights when you are facing some of the more severe drug crime defense charges and penalties associated with drug crimes. A competent attorney will work to find ways to challenge the admissibility of evidence related to the arrest, the seizure of any evidence by police, and any prior convictions. The prosecution is required to prove every element in a drug crime case beyond a reasonable doubt. Those factors might include whether a person knew a substance was a narcotic, whether he or she actually had possession of a substance, and the actual amount of the substance. In a case of possession with intent to sell, for example, the prosecution must prove that a person had specific intent to sell the drug and actually exercised control over the substance. If the state fails to carry its heavy burden, your charges may be reduced or even dropped. This rate can be increased with a great drug crime defense prepared by an excellent defense attorney.

Karren Kenney is a skilled drug crime lawyer who has over 20 years of experience advocating for clients against a variety of criminal charges. As a result of her hard work in this area, Ms. Kenney has gained the respect of the Southern California legal community. If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug offense, make sure you have a tenacious attorney on your side. Ms. Kenney will fight to seek the best possible outcome in your case. Call (855) 505-5588 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.

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