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Defense lawyer
Kenney Legal Defense Firm: Karren Kenney


Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense must first and foremost contact a criminal defense lawyer. Even if you are innocent or the offense is minor, having a criminal defense lawyer on your side is advantageous and will help you get the best outcome.  The legal team of the Kenney Legal Defense is led by defense lawyer Karren Kenney, who has over 25 years of legal experience.  Attorney Kenney knows the ins and outs of local county and federal courts throughout Southern California.  Here are just some of the best reasons why hiring the criminal defense team at Kenney Legal Defense is in your best interest:

Support During Police Questioning – A Defense Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

Police interviews are very stressful and scary. Even those who are innocent can say something wrong, which can harm their case. Law enforcement does not always record a person’s statement, and a lot of times will completely misconstrue what the person said in the police report.  These statements can then be used against the person and result in criminal charges being filed. With the presence of a defense lawyer, clients can feel safe and secure knowing that someone is on their side at all times, and will interject during the questioning so they don’t say the wrong thing.

Proving Innocence / Sentence Reduction

It is the defense lawyer who strives to prove that you are innocent when you are fighting your case if wrongfully accused. In worst-case scenarios, for those who don’t want to fight their case, our team will do its best to ensure your sentence is greatly reduced.  At Kenney Legal Defense we will create a sentencing mitigation strategy to make sure that you do not receive more of a sentence than you should.  With client collaboration efforts, we have been successfully helping our clients avoid jail and prison time.

Defense Lawyer Who Provides Legal Advice To Clients, 24/7

Contact the Kenny Legal Defense Corporation by calling 855-505-558 or send us an inquiry and get a free case evaluation via our website: The phone lines are open 24/7 so you can speak and consult with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.


Don’t waste time… Your situation could get worse.

Contact Us Now at Kenney Legal Defense so we can get started on protecting your rights and making sure you get the best possible outcome.

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