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How Can a DUI Attorney Help You with Your Case?

There are many cases where a alcohol or marijuana DUI offense can be treated as a felony in California and not just as a misdemeanor. If you cause harm to others, have multiple DUI convictions or have a prior felony conviction due to DUI, you could be in serious trouble. Even when you have been charged with a misdemeanor, the results can have major consequences for your professional and personal life. In such a case, there are many reasons why you should get the help of a Dui Attorney Irvine Ca.

Studying Your DUI Case

Your Dui Attorney Irvine Ca will study your case and use their resources to determine if there is any missing evidence that could prove your innocence. Many times the law enforcement officer misses crucial evidence and then some officers intentionally try to drag people to court no fault or little fault.

Exploring Different Options

An experienced Dui Attorney Irvine Ca can explore different options depending on the kind of charges you are facing and the situation you are in. They can take your past criminal history into account and the severity of the charges. Your lawyer can work to get less severe sentences by presenting a strong case based on your previous history.

Your Attorney Knows the System

An experienced attorney not only knows the system, they may also know the officer involved. Usually when someone is charged with a DUI offense, they think it is a simple charge. The conditions of your arrest can show that there are legal flaws in the way the officer arrested you. Your Dui Attorney Irvine Ca can find minute details that can prove to be in your favor.

Thus, there are many ways that an experienced Dui Attorney Irvine Ca can help strengthen your case. They have the knowledge of the law and how the system works. They can help prepare your defense and guide you on taking the right steps. An experienced lawyer can do things that you could never do on your own.

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