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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Federal Criminal Attorney

There are many reasons for hiring the services of an experienced Federal criminal attorney San Diego if you are facing charges. You get access to experience and expertise of an attorney who has a team of specialized professionals working to protect your interests. With so many federal criminal lawyers there, how do you find the right professional? Here are 3 tips to make the right choice.

1. Experience in Handling Similar Cases

Look for a Federal criminal attorney San Diego that has extensive experience in having successfully handled cases similar to yours. They will have experience having fought against federal prosecutors and federal agencies including FBI, DEA, and IRS among others. So search for the right attorney based on their experience.

2. Success Record

It is not just the experience, you should also evaluate federal criminal lawyers based on their success rate. Check how many cases they fought and what their rate of acquittals and dismissals is. Every attorney is going to have a winning rate. When you come across a lawyer, ask them about this rate. The success rate of an attorney may not always be measured in terms of acquittals. Many times, it can also mean the degree of reduction in sentences.

3. Strategy Building Skills


Experienced and accomplished attorneys can create effective strategies to defend you and strengthen your case. While knowledge of the law is one aspect of their profession, a successful Federal criminal attorney San Diego will also be highly creative in strategy building. The right attorney will evaluate and measure all the different aspects and evidence and create a unique strategy. The right lawyer will also have investigative skills and experience. You should expect excellent negotiation skills to help you get a favorable outcome in even the most difficult cases.

So make sure to keep these points in mind when looking for the right Federal criminal attorney San Diego. it is not just the experience, it is the right type of experience and skills that matter the most.

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