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Criminal Lawyer - Kenney Legal DefenseThe City of Fullerton is home to a thriving downtown area as well as college life at Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton City College.  With college life comes partying and hanging out with friends, which usually encompasses drinking.  Many criminal cases are filed each year in the North Justice Center in Fullerton, California, involving college students who partied a bit too hard, ending up in jail at the end of their festivities.  A criminal conviction can ruin someone’s college career and future.  Whether it is a drunk in public charge, a driving under the influence charge or an assault and battery charge that happened at a bar, you need a criminal defense attorney who can help save your future!

Fullerton Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney has won many cases for her clients, from felonies, to misdemeanors. Click here to see her amazing results. Karren is the obvious choice. Ms. Kenney is a criminal attorney specializing in: alcohol related cases, felonies, federal cases, domestic violence, hit and run cases, drug charges, vandalism, dui cases, and many many more. Don’t mess around with your freedom. Contact Fullerton Criminal Attorney Karren Kenney today to stay out of trouble!




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