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Mission Viejo Criminal Attorney

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What are the Different Types of Criminal Attorneys?


Mission Viejo is a predominantly residential city that does have areas with shopping, bars and restaurants, like the Mission Viejo Mall.  The types of criminal offenses that usually happen in Mission Viejo include, alcohol related offenses, DUI, domestic violence and theft crimes.  When looking for a Mssion Viejo  Criminal Attorney, you will come across different types of lawyers. Some attorneys work for themselves, some are part of a law firm, and some work for nonprofit organizations. Whosoever they work for, they work to develop strategies to strengthen your defense. This guide explores the different types of criminal lawyers out there.


Private Criminal Attorneys

A defendant who can afford to hire legal services will get the help of a private Mission Viejo Criminal Attorney. These lawyers often work within law firms and they are specialized in criminal defense and criminal justice. Certain law offices are specialized in criminal cases and can have a defense team that works on your case with a senior attorney at the center. Kenney Legal Defense has an entire defense team dedicated to your case, lead by founding attorney Karren Kenney.  Kenney Legal Defense handles all types of criminal cases including white collar crimes, DUI, serious and violent felonies, misdemeanors and federal offenses.


Panel Criminal Attorneys

Many jurisdictions have panel attorneys who are experienced trial lawyers that undergo a rigorous approval process and are appointed for criminal defendants who cannot afford a private Mission Viejo Criminal Defense Attorney. These lawyers are paid on an hourly basis by the government, and usually handle private clients as well.  Many jurisdictions have both public defenders and panel criminal attorneys.  Attorney Kenney is a panel attorney in the United Stated District Courts for the Central and Southern Districts in California.


Criminal Attorney Mission Viejo - Kenney Legal Defense

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