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Need to Hire a Private Newport Beach Business or Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Having to defend a civil lawsuit or criminal case can be one of the most difficult situations in your life. This is the time you should get the help of an accomplished Newport Beach Business and Criminal Defense Attorney. Your defense lawyer can represent your interests and ensure that your rights are protected.   Top-rated Kenney Legal Defense Firm can help!

Newport Beach is a city that is extremely lively and social, with many bars and restaurants that are frequented by party-goers.  It is also a city that has a booming business industry.  Unfortunately, many people get into trouble in Newport Beach when a business deal goes south or party-goer gets arrested for an alcohol-related offense.  There are also instances that are more common than people realize when a civil business dispute involving a fraud allegation turns into a major fraud criminal case.  Kenney Legal Defense has handled numerous fraud cases that started in civil court and ended up also being filed in criminal court.  Attorney Kenney is the best attorney for this type of potential situation given her credentials that most lawyers do not possess.  In addition to being a licensed attorney in California and Washington DC, Ms. Kenney is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certified by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).  This credential makes her a stand-out choice among other attorneys for any fraud-related case in civil or criminal court.

Key Advantages to Hiring Kenney Legal Defense

  • A private defense firm can get early intervention with the other side and start preparing your defense early on before a civil or criminal case is filed. 
  • A private attorney is going to be committed to your civil or criminal case at all the different stages. 
  • Attorney Karren Kenney of Kenney Legal Defense is an accomplished Newport Beach
  • business and Criminal Lawyer who specializes in defense litigation, defending civil and criminal cases ranging from fraud-related conduct, and business disputes to low-level misdemeanor offenses and murder cases in both local county courts and federal courts across the nation.  When you hire Kenney Legal Defense, you get a dedicated defense team who will work tirelessly on your case to obtain the best possible outcome.

Business Defense Services

Having to defend your business against a lawsuit can be emotionally and physically debilitating.  The majority of civil lawsuits focus on money (monetary damages).  Since a personal is not allowed to represent a business entity in court, the business has no choice but to hire an attorney.  Big firms charge enormous hourly rates for business defense litigation, which can severely impact the bottom line of your business.  Having a well-seasoned defense litigator on your side that charges reasonable fees is an absolute necessity.  Kenney Legal Defense takes pride in not creating hourly billing while defending a business client.  We know how costly it is for you and your business and we try to minimize the legal fees as much as possible.  We do not employ associates who are required to bill a minimum amount of hours a month like large firms.  We work with our clients strategically and figure out a way to minimize the cost without compromising what is legally required for solid defense representation.

Criminal Defense Services

Nobody wants to see their name on a criminal charging document and the thought of going to jail or prison as a result of the charges can be devastating.  You need a compassionate and aggressive defense firm to fight for you in court, regardless of whether you are actually “guilty” of what you are being accused of.  Everyone deserves the best legal representation in criminal court. Kenney Legal Defense is the best choice with its dedicated defense team that prides itself on zealously representing clients and not judging them for any wrongdoing.  Attorney Kenney has gone to trial on over 100 cases in state and federal courts and knows how to strategically obtain the best results possible.

More Freedom

When it comes to your business and the stress of defending a civil lawsuit, or your freedom to avoid jail time in a criminal case, Attorney Karren Kenney is the right choice.  Ms. Kenney zealously and strategically represents clients to obtain case dismissals or dispositions that are the best outcome for the particular case.  Working with private attorney  Karren Kenney and her team at Kenney Legal Defense will yield the best results possible.  Contact Kenney Legal Defense today for a free quote for services.

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