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How Can Your Newport Beach Criminal Lawyer Help You?

Criminal defense attorneys represent clients who have been charged with crimes. The kind of
crimes you are facing can include anything from a felony to misdemeanor. The kind of
punishment for your offence can range from a small fine to anything as severe as years in
prison or even a death sentence. Your Newport beach criminal lawyer will work closely with
you to build a strategy to fight your case. Depending on the kind of charges you are facing, your
lawyer can help you in several ways.


1. Getting a Plea Bargain

Plea bargains can help in reducing your potential sentence or get rid of few or all the charges.
Your Newport beach criminal lawyer can work with the prospector to negotiate a plea
bargain for you. If you think you can represent yourself, most prospectors are least likely to
negotiate directly with the defendant.


2. Better Sentencing Program

An experienced and accomplished Newport beach criminal lawyer may even work out a
better sentencing program for you. Sometimes, even when the client is found guilty, a good
lawyer can get a sentence that prevents them from facing the judicial system in the future. This
can include reducing the prison sentence and adding community service or rehabilitation for
the rest of the sentence.


3. Source of Legal Knowledge

If you are not a Newport Beach criminal lawyer yourself, you can never decipher all the relevant laws and
regulations. Your specialized attorney will have all the knowledge of the county or federal laws
that apply to your case. The laws keep changing every now and then and your lawyer can find
out conditions that can work in your favor.

Your Newport beach criminal lawyer can also provide you a real and clear picture of the
situation you are in. Without a legal professional on your side, you are least likely to know what
you can expect from your case. Thus, there are many reasons for getting legal help from an experienced and specialized criminal lawyer.