OC Criminal Defense Attorney

When Do You Need An OC Criminal Defense Attorney

People who have been arrested or accused of a criminal offense are advised to contact their criminal defense attorney right away. The Kenney Legal Defense Corporation will gladly represent clients, however, it is common for many to wait before hiring a defense attorney.criminal defense attorney

For those who find themselves in the following situations, it is best to call a criminal defense attorney right away:

#1: People Wrongly Accused Of A Crime

Accusations, even when wrong, can damage a person’s life and career. If you find yourself being arrested or accused of a crime, call Kenney Legal Defense at once for the best OC Criminal Defense Attorney.

#2: Arguing For A Reduced Sentence

In cases where a sentence was already passed for a crime, a defense attorney can help reduce the time and gravity of the sentence. Skilled lawyers are even capable of arguing to drop the case all together which leads to no sentencing at all.

#3: The Case Goes To Trial

Cases that go to trial can lead to a conviction and possible jail time. To avoid this, defendants should have an attorney by their side long before the trial starts. The sooner a lawyer can review and study the case, the better the arguments they can make in your defense.

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