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3 Reasons to Have a  Federal Criminal Attorney Defend Your Case

If you are facing federal criminal charges, the first thing you should do is to look for a San Diego federal criminal attorney. There are many advantages of having an experienced lawyer defending you and helping you get the desired results. Here are 3 reasons why you simply cannot consider defending such a case without professional representation.

1. Protecting Your Rights

If you have been accused of a federal crime, you remain an accused until proven guilty. However, federal agents will almost always treat you as you are guilty. Having a San Diego federal criminal attorney on your side ensures that your rights are protected. An experienced attorney has knowledge of the law and can take all precautions to ensure that your rights are protected in and out of the court.

2. Case Evaluation & Strategy Building

An experienced lawyer is going to assess your case and all the charges that have been placed against you. They will help you understand the complexity of the charges and your situation and help build a strategy to defend you. They will take all the steps that work in your best interest. Without the experience and knowledge of a specialized attorney, you cannot imagine creating a plan yourself.

Every case and every individual is unique and a different approach is required to handle the case in a successful way. Your San Diego federal criminal attorney is going to evaluate all the charges, events, and circumstances to create your defense strategy. They can also conduct investigations or make negotiations on your behalf.

3. Support Staff

Experienced attorneys will have large teams to handle all aspects of the case. It is important to have different professionals to help build your case. There is more to defending you against federal criminal charges than just representing you in the court. These support staff are going to help with:

  • Gather crucial evidence
  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Track down important witnesses
  • Prepare all the documentation

Once you consider how vast the scope of defending your case is, you will realize that you cannot do without the help of a San Diego federal criminal attorney. Contact Kenney Legal Defense today!

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