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Exceptional Criminal Defense Results

Ms. Kenney passionately defends and fights for her clients’ rights and freedom, which is best exemplified by her outstanding criminal defense track record in the courtroom. She practices state and federal criminal defense exclusively all over Southern California and diligently handles each of her cases with persistence, passion, and principles. She is an experienced and aggressive trial attorney and believes in thorough case preparation in order to provide the best possible defense for her clients.  Attorney Kenney obtains amazing results for her clients, including many who avoid being formally charged with a crime!


  • Aggravated white collar crime charges DISMISSED! Client was charged with felony embezzlement with an aggravated white collar crime enhancement for an alleged loss of over $200,000. The Orange County District Attorney’s office alleged that the client engaged in a pattern of paying her personal expenses with company funds from her former employer. Diligent and extensive defense investigation revealed that the client’s former employer who brought the charges against the client, was involved in illegal business activity that included money laundering and tax evasion. Once the District Attorney’s office was presented with all of the information concerning the former employer’s illegal activity, the case was dismissed because Karren always provides criminal defense results.

  • A federal jury found client, Andrew Wardein, NOT GUILTY on all federal charges (Docket #356). Client was charged in 5 defendant case in the United States District Court, Central District of California, with violations of federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 1343 [Wire Fraud]. For more information click here.

I would recommend Karren to anyone and everyone. She is the best attorney I have ever had.

-Ernie, a White Collar Crime client

Karen is an amazing lawyer. She gets to the bottom of every single detail and will keep you informed throughout the process.

-Criminal Defense clientProfessional, knowledgeable, Get the best representation in OC

My case was tough, but Karren was diligent and got my case dismissed. Here experience and knowledge is worth more then gold. Her personality is a total delight, she is a awesome person and exceptional attorney.


Karren represented me several years ago while she was a public defender. In 2003, she showed the courts at my prelim, the errors made by the police and my case was dismissed. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ATTORNEY THAT FIGHTS FOR YOU AND SHOWS YOU HER SKILLS AND KNOWLEGDGE , THEN PLEASE MAKE A CONSULTATION WITH KARREN. How many attorneys just take your money and do nothing at all but buy you time and tell you nothing about your case….every attorney that has ever represented me, whether private counsel or public defender has done nothing but take my money and did NOTHING TO EARN IT…. CROOKS…. IF YOU WANT AN ATTORNEY WHO IS SMART, KNOWLEDGEABLE, CLEVER, CARING, AND PUTS HER SKILLS TO WORK FOR YOU, THEN PLEASE DONT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO HIRE THIS ATTORNEY… IT WILL BE THE BEST CHOICE YOU EVER MADE… I am confident that you will be in the best hands with Karren Kenney fightIng for you…. So, STOP STRESSING ABOUT YOUR SITUATION AND PUT YOUR LIFE IN THE HANDS OF AN ATTORNEY THAT YOU CAN BE CONFIDENT AND SECURE…. This Attorney is the real deal and She is the only Attorney that will ever get my money… WHY???? SHE EARNS IT AND YOU WILL GET THE BEST OUTCOME POSSIBLE.. Thank you Karren for helping me and getting MY CASE


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