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Superior Court Orange Criminal Attorney

superior court of orange criminal attorney - Kenney Legal Defense
superior court of orange criminal attorney – Kenney Legal Defense


How Can a Criminal Attorney Make a Difference?


A superior court orange criminal attorney deals with criminal charges, criminal investigation, arrests, and appeals.  Many such attorneys are specialized in a specific sub-field within criminal defense. For example, you can find lawyers who work only on DUI or drug defense cases. Just because law enforcement has arrested you on a criminal charge doesn’t mean that the crime has been verified. Your criminal defense attorney can fight your case and help create the best-possible scenario.


Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

You can hire a superior court orange criminal attorney to help with representation and counsel. They can perform a wide range of functions to help you with your case:

  • Deal with the police and investigators
  • Investigate or interrogate witnesses
  • Come up with evidence that may help negative the charges


Vast Knowledge of the Law

An accomplished criminal lawyer will have complete knowledge of the constitution. They fully understand all the key rights provided to the accused in the constitution. The rights specifically include the following:

  • Fourth Amendment: Protection against unlawful search or seizure.
  • Fifth/Sixth Amendments: The right to remain silent.
  • Fourteenth Amendment: Guaranteeing all the rights to the accused.


Without a superior court orange criminal attorney on your side, you will not be able to determine what your rights are.

When you hire the legal services of a criminal lawyer, they will begin by reviewing the charges and the facts. They will evaluate the violations of law and the prima facie burden of both the parties. The attorney can determine whether there has been a violation of the 4th or 5th amendment or whether the evidence has been illegally obtained. Your superior court orange criminal attorney can help your case in ways you can never imagine. So make sure to get the help of an accomplished lawyer the moment you find out that you are facing a criminal case.


Superior Court of Orange Criminal Attorney - Kenney Legal Defense


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