Why Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

Do I really need a criminal defense attorney? What are the benefits of having a criminal lawyer? How will I know the benefits of having an attorney will be worth the money? These are all questions that are often asked when people are faced with being charged with a criminal offense. Life is not always in your control and if you were ever to be charged with a criminal offense, having an attorney representing you—someone who knows the law and how to work with law enforcement and the judicial system can be invaluable. Just as you wouldn’t trust a mechanic to perform open-heart surgery, you wouldn’t want a regular citizen to defend you in a court of law.

Criminal Defense attorneys are legal practitioners who represent citizens when they are charged with a crime. Having a lawyer who will stand by you, fight to get the facts of the crime you are charged with, search for the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s evidence, who will talk to the judge and will mount the best possible defense they can for you is just what you need if you have been charged with a crime. Businesses can also be charged with criminal offenses and they often need criminal defense attorneys to fight for them and protect their rights. In many cases, large businesses have attorney’s they keep on retainer to represent them in any and all lawsuits or cases they are indicted in. However, small businesses do not always have the funds to keep an attorney on retainer—this means that if they are ever criminally indicted, they will need to search for representation before all else.
In the end, however, it does not matter who you are, if you are ever facing a criminal charge, having an attorney who is fighting for you is a necessity.


Blackmail: This one is common in the movies, so we all know what blackmail is. Consider this: instead of being blackmailed for all of your life’s savings, you are being accused of blackmailing someone. They’ve filed charges against you and you are scrambling to figure out a way to clear your name. In such a case, it is important to have an attorney because they know the elements of the crime that must be proven in order to get a conviction, they often know the prosecutor and can talk to them to figure out what is going on in the case, they know how to look at the evidence presented against you and find its weaknesses in order to either get the charges dismissed entirely or to lower the sentence.
Fraud: if you’re a business owner or even just a regular citizen, you can find yourself faced with criminal charges relating to fraud. These cases are inherently complicated because they deal with numbers and tax laws. The IRS knows exactly what it’s doing because they charge and evaluate fraud on a daily basis but it’s not so simple for the rest of us. Tax law is complicated and if the IRS is investigating you or your company, they have all of the resources and know how to do so. Not retaining an attorney would put you in a terrible position in the long run.

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