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Having a talented criminal defense attorney on your side when you are charged with a criminal offense is invaluable. You have someone who knows how to work with the system and mount a defense for you in order to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Each attorney comes with their own set of strengths, experience and insight on what they would do with the case at hand. Finding an attorney who best fits with what you are searching for both in terms of the outcome of the case but also in how they handle each aspect of the case is important.

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What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney is someone who you hire to protect you and fight for you when you are charged in a criminal case. They will look at the evidence that is to be presented against you in a court of law, discuss your options with a prosecutor, find the weaknesses in the evidence against you, listen to your side of the story and help you gather evidence to show that you are not guilty of the crime you have been charged with. They will then use what they have found in order to best protect you in court.


Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

You may not have the most knowledge when it comes to the law but if you choose to represent yourself you are gambling with your life. When the stakes are that high, it is important to have someone on your side that knows how to navigate the field. Someone who can ensure that your rights are being respected and all of the evidence being used against you has been rightfully and legally obtained. Without the help of someone who understands the law you may find yourself in a difficult position where you know you are not guilty but do not know how to prove it in a court of law.


How Do I Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Not all criminal defense attorneys are same—each attorney comes with their own experiences, connections, knowledge and approach. Meeting with a potential attorney before retaining them is important, it will give you insight into how they will approach your case. You can use this initial consultation to ask them about their professional history, their exposure to other similar cases and their plans for your case.


Exposure: Having exposure to similar cases and issues allows the attorney to be able to work with the facts in your case with a specific example of the different types of outcomes that they have achieved in previous cases. They may know the prosecutor in your case or may know another attorney who has the right connections.
Experience: Experience is important because as an attorney gains more years in practice they gain an invaluable network and knowledge regarding crimes and the court system they are operating in.  The longer they have been practicing, the more cases they have handled and the better they will be able to utilize the facts of your case to give you the best outcome.


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