Choosing the Best Criminal Lawyer for your Criminal Case

best criminal attorney

Choosing the Best Criminal Attorney For Your Case

Trying to choose the best criminal attorney to assist you with your criminal defense case can be an overwhelming task. You are dealing with a flood of emotions since you were arrested, and it’s hard to think straight while being consumed with thoughts of the consequences of a criminal conviction. If your criminal case was filed in one of the Southern California criminal courts, you are probably scared since you may have been told how harsh the judge can be  Stop stressing out, help is a simple phone call away. Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney has just the right experience you need to assist with your criminal case and is the best criminal attorney choice.

Best Criminal Attorney Options – True Criminal Defense Attorney Versus Former Prosecutor

For more than 20 years, Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney has helped defend individuals and businesses accused of criminal activity. She has NEVER prosecuted anyone during her 20+ years of experience. Don’t be fooled by those lawyers who advertise they were former prosecutors. Do you think a person who chose to prosecute people and at some point decided to hang their own shingle really has your best interests in mind? You need a criminal lawyer representing you who has extensive criminal defense experience and who has tried cases in front of a jury representing the defense, not the prosecution. There are a lot of options to choose from in Southern California when searching for the right criminal lawyer to represent you in court. Before choosing a former prosecutor, you need to find out how many criminal trials that person has completed representing the defense, not the government. Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney has completed over 100 criminal defense trials and is ready to assist you with yours.

Criminal Lawyer Ratings Provide Good Insight

One of the best ways to see how satisfied others have been with the criminal lawyer they chose for their case is to read the reviews. Although anyone can leave a Google review, there are other law websites where actual former criminal defense clients leave detailed reviews. One such site is on Avvo. Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney is a top-rated criminal lawyer on Avvo and her former criminal defense clients highly recommend her for criminal defense cases. She has satisfied clients who were facing charges as minor as driving on a suspended license and as serious as murder. Criminal Lawyer Karren Kenney knows the Southern California criminal justice system inside and out and is the perfect choice for anyone facing prosecution.

Choose the Best Criminal Attorney Who Has Not Been Disciplined By the State Bar

A criminal defendant should always be wary of hiring a criminal lawyer who has been disciplined with the State Bar of California. Most people are not aware that there is a simple way to check an attorney’s background of discipline on the State Bar’s website. The attorney search function on the State Bar’s website allows anyone to check an attorney’s discipline background by simply inputting the attorney’s name in the search box. If the attorney has been in trouble before, it will show in the display under the discipline section of the attorney’s profile. If a criminal lawyer has been in trouble with the State Bar in the past and you are aware of it before you hire that attorney, you need to ask the attorney about it to see if he is upfront with you and what the circumstances were surrounding the discipline. You should always choose an attorney that you are the most comfortable with, but keep in mind that a criminal lawyer with a disciplined past may not be the best choice regardless of how inexpensive the services they offer are.

A Criminal Lawyer Whose Cheap is Not Necessarily Better

There is a lot to be said for the phrase “you get what you pay for.” When you are facing the potential of going to jail or federal prison, do you really think it’s a good idea to just pick a criminal lawyer who is the cheapest? The most experienced and effective criminal lawyers are usually not the cheapest priced, so keep that in mind when searching for the best criminal lawyer for criminal defense representation. Criminal defense legal fees vary depending on the extent of the experience of the criminal lawyer so choose wisely.

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