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Hiring a criminal lawyer to help with your DUI defense is essential.  The DUI process includes DMV proceedings against your driver’s license and the criminal court process.  This is extremely stressful, confusing and time sensitive, which is why it is important to hire a criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable in DUI defense immediately. These 2 different proceedings for a DUI are completely independent of one another.

Criminal Lawyer Will Handle Your DMV Proceedings

Hiring a criminal lawyer for your DUI defense needs now will take care of the stress of dealing with the DMV.  The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the administrative licensing authority for all licensed drivers in the state.  If a person is arrested for a DUI, the “Admin Pro Se” proceedings are initiated by the DMV to either suspend or revoke the driver’s license.  THE DMV PROCESS IS COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM THE COURT PROCESS.  Many people get confused because there are 2 different types of proceedings that happen after a DUI arrest.

Once arrested, the police officer will confiscate the driver’s license and forward it to the DMV to be destroyed.  The officer then provides the Order of Suspension (a pink form) that serves as a temporary license for 30 days.  This DMV notice to the driver explains that the person’s driver’s license is suspended for 30 days after the temporary license expires unless the driver or a criminal lawyer representing the driver contacts the DMV to schedule a hearing.  This hearing has to be requested WITHIN 10 DAYS of the arrest, otherwise the hearing is waived and the suspension goes into effect after the temporary license expires.  There is a lot of information provided by the DMV   so visit the website for additional information.

Criminal Lawyer Will Handle Your Criminal DUI Defense Case

It is imperative to hire a criminal lawyer to handle your DUI criminal case.  At the same time the DMV process is going, the criminal court process may also start.  If this is a first time DUI however, the District Attorney’s office may not file any charges by the time your hearing date on your ticket, and they may even wait until months after your arrest.  Once they do, you will receive an appearance letter in the mail directing you on when to appear in court.  Most of the time you will be released on your own recognizance if this is your first offense.  If you have had more than one DUI within a 10 year period, this will not be the case.  It really is necessary for you to hire an experienced DUI lawyer who can explain all of the different scenarios and answer all of your questions.  Don’t rely on information you may find on the internet.

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Orange County criminal lawyer Karren Kenney and her team at Kenney Legal Defense Corporation can help you with your DUI, so call today at (855) 505-5588 or visit their criminal defense website and start preparing now for the DUI process.

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