Experience Matters When Hiring a Federal Criminal Attorney

federal criminal attorney

Having an experienced federal criminal attorney in your federal case is absolutely crucial to building your defense against government prosecutors. In federal court, sentences are much harsher, federal resources to investigate you are more extensive, and what’s at stake is far more important than charges in state courts. With so much on the line, it is necessary to have an experienced federal criminal attorney in the courtroom to represent your best interests when dealing with federal judges and prosecutors.

Why An Experienced Federal Criminal Attorney Is So Important

According to the United States Sentencing Commission, in 2016, 97.3 % of ALL federal cases ended in defendants pleading guilty before trial starts to negotiate a plea deal. When faced with a daunting federal case, an inexperienced federal criminal attorney would fear the challenge associated in moving a case into trial with their client. Because of this panic, these lesser experienced attorneys are more likely to negotiate a plea deal and automatically force a sentence onto YOU, without even building your defense yet. An experienced federal criminal attorney would rise to the occasion of the federal court, analyze all strategies to fight for your case, and move your case into trial to ultimately defend what’s most important, YOU.

How Trial Experience of a Federal Criminal Attorney Matters

Just because an attorney does not succumb to a plea deal before the start of trial does not mean that an attorney is ready for trial itself. Because federal trials occur so rarely, it is difficult for inexperienced attorneys to get trial experience in federal court. Laws and regulations differ from state court to federal court, and just because an attorney claims they have experience in criminal state court, does not mean they have experience in trying federal cases. For example, a client seeking wire fraud defense from his attorney who only has experience in state trials, would be at a disadvantage to defend his case, because cases such as wire fraud, bank robbery, and many more, are tried under federal law. Having an experienced wire fraud defense attorney who understands how to deal with federal trials, and has a profound knowledge of law, is extremely important when YOU decide who will be speaking on your behalf in front of the federal judge, prosecutor, and all important jury that will decide your fate in the case at hand.

Power of The Feds

In the course of a federal trial, government prosecutors will be able to make use of federal agencies that have access to more resources that will attempt to incriminate YOU. Attorneys with no prior experience when dealing with an FBI investigation, Homeland Security, Marshal service, and many more, would not know how to deal with such organizations, and willingly give up any advantage that you might have in your defense. An experienced federal defense attorney would stand tall against these agencies and protect YOU from any attempts by the federal government to hinder your case.

So Where’s My Experienced Attorney?

Karren Kenney is the founding attorney of Kenney Legal Defense, has been practicing law for over 20 years and has tried over 70 jury trials. She can assist if you’re the subject of an FBI investigation or already have charges against you. If YOU or someone you know needs help in fighting ANY federal crime, contact Ms. Kenney personally at (855) 505-5588 to defend your case today!

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