When You Need an Orange County Crime Attorney In College

Yes, it is true that college can be an amazing time to meet new friends, discover what you want to do in life, and maybe even find a future husband or wife, but it’s also home to a multitude of crimes that transpire every night on and off campus. Leaving home and living at a university places a huge responsibility on students to take care of themselves, and often, their judgement is misguided. Trying to remain calm, cool, and collected under the influence of alcohol and substance abuse creates a dynamic situation where students are always at risk of being detained or arrested by the police may warrant the need for an Orange County crime attorney.

Consequences of College Substance Abuse Without an Orange County Crime Attorney

While under the influence of alcohol or drugs, student judgement is significantly impaired and creates a potential for endangering others around them. In 2017, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reported that over 40% of college students had participated in binge drinking within 2 weeks of the study taking place. That same study also stated that over 690,000 people had been assaulted by a college student who had been under the influence of alcohol in 2017 alone. In addition, the NIAAA revealed that over 97,000 people were victims of sexual assault by a student under the influence of alcohol or drug related abuse as well. What this means is that college students are getting drunk and high often, and in doing so, they place themselves at an extreme risk of being involved in a crime that could result in a felony or misdemeanor getting placed on their record.  When this happens it is imperative they hire a qualified Orange County crime attorney to assist them.

What Happens If You Get Convicted?

Depending on what you are charged with, crimes have varying sentences based on felony or misdemeanor offenses. While serving a sentence itself may seem daunting, the reality is that even after a sentence is completed, the conviction stays on your permanent record and can be difficult to remove. This is the most important thing to college students in the modern era. A resume is difficult to build up, and easy to tarnish. An assault charge, drunk in public offense, or even possession of an illegal substance, could go on your record and stay with you for life. Suppose you are applying to get a new job and there is a routine background check that everyone is required to follow prior to being given a position. Upon inspection, your employer immediately sees that you have a previous conviction of a misdemeanor charge of being drunk in public, and throws out your application on the spot. With this misdemeanor always hanging over your head, situations like these could occur frequently, making it challenging to get a job and maintain a stable lifestyle. Despite this bleak outlook, this is a very realistic future that college students face every single day while they are in school and under the pressures that surround life at a university.

What Can I Do To Stop a Conviction? Hire an Orange County Crime Attorney!

Founder of Kenney Legal Defense Corporation, Karren Kenney is an experienced Orange County crime attorney who has avoided numerous convictions on all fronts. Ms. Kenney works consistently to defend your rights above all else. If YOU or know anyone in college that is facing criminal charges, contact Ms. Kenney personally at (855) 505-5588 to start the path to save your college career today!

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