Even Celebrities Need A Celebrity Defense Attorney Now and Again

Robert Rihmeek Williams, more popularly known as Meek Mill, is a Philadelphia born and raised, world famous rapper. Touring worldwide, Mill’s fame has grown significantly since it began in 2008.  Recently, Mill’s new music has grown increasingly popular with his new album, “Wins and Losses” peaking at number 3 on the Billboard charts in 2017. While Mill has experienced lucrative stardom throughout his ten year career, he has also been involved with violence and the law since a young age, needing the assistance of a celebrity defense attorney time and again. As a teenager, Mill would fight gangs and deal drugs in the streets of Philadelphia just to get by. Prior to reaching his level of fame today, Mill was convicted in 2009 of illegal drug possession and carrying a firearm without a license, which is where our case today originally begins.

The Old Dilemma – Get the Best Defense Attorney in the Beginning

In his first run in with the law, Mill was sentenced to two years in prison followed by a five year probation period, but was released after eight months for good behavior. Mill would then proceed to violate his probation on numerous occasions, mainly for traveling out of Pennsylvania without approval or checking in with the courts prior to his departure. Genece Brinkley was, and remains the presiding judge over Mill’s case and has seen Mill consistently in her courtroom. After violating probation several times upon being released, in 2013, Brinkley ordered that Mill take etiquette classes to reign in his probation violations, and yet, in 2014, he violated again. This time, Mill was sentenced to five months in jail for his repetitive behavior. Upon his release, Mill continued to tour and break violation after violation, still not following the guidelines Brinkley had established.  Although it is unclear who his defense attorney was on each of these occasions, he should’ve fought hard in the beginning to avoid this cyclic mess.

Current Drama – Hoping a Celebrity Defense Attorney Can Fix the Mess Now

In 2016, Brinkley barred Mill from traveling completely, and sure enough, Mill violated again. In the same year, Mill was arrested twice, once for getting in a fist fight in St. Louis, and the second time for riding on a dirt bike and performing stunts in the streets of New York City. For his latest violations, Mill went to court on November 7th, 2017, to go back to Brinkley yet again. This appeared to be the final straw for Brinkley who was infuriated with Mill for time and time again giving him breaks for his violations. Despite the recommendation of Mill’s probation officer and an assistant district attorney, who both recommended that Mill not be incarcerated, Brinkley sentenced Mill to two to four years in prison as punishment for his violations of probation.  There is public outcry by numerous celebrities such as Jay-Z and other fans who are protesting in Philadelphia with claims that Brinkley was far too harsh on Mill.  Mill’s celebrity defense attorney is now working on the appeals process to reverse the sentence as fast as possible.

What Can Be Learned

Getting the right defense attorney to defend your charges and probation sentencing is the most important part of any criminal case. An experienced attorney would have adequately defended Mill in the first place. Getting charges dropped and having sentences reduced is something defense attorney Karren Kenney excels at, and someone you must consult if YOU or someone you know is facing criminal charges.

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