Under Federal Investigation? What You Need to Know

More often than not, a federal investigation is conducted in secret. You may not be aware that you are being investigated by the Feds because their goal is to maintain anonymity throughout their work. The overarching goal of a  federal investigation is to get enough incriminating evidence to produce a criminal indictment that will eventually secure a conviction. If you think or know that you are under federal investigation, here are 5 things you NEED to know.

1. In a federal investigation the Feds are watching and observing everything you do.

From wire taps, to watching your online activity, to recording conversations that you have, the Feds have immense resources that they can use at their disposal to discover what illegal activity you are conducting. At this point in the investigation, everything you do will be under the microscope of the federal eyes who are trying to build a case against you to prove your guilt.

2.  Your financial history including bank records, investments, debt, taxes etc. will all be thoroughly examined during a federal investigation

The Feds want to know how and where you have been getting your income to determine whether it is legal, or through illegal means involving theft such as health care fraud or money laundering, to name a few. Moreover, the Feds look at your tax history to see if you have evaded taxes in years prior to prove your involvement in criminal activity as well.

3. Federal agents may come unannounced to your home or workplace and interrogate you.

As with all federal investigations, the Feds may arrive at any place, at any time, and inquire about certain illegal activities that you could be engaged in. Whatever you say will be used against you and the Feds will likely use deception to downplay the seriousness of the federal investigation, or that you aren’t the main suspect, when really, YOU ARE.

4. Search warrants will be issued and executed for materials in question.

No matter where the place is, if there is suspected paraphernalia or documents that would help in the prosecution of your case, the Feds will order for search warrants to be drafted and executed. During these searches, agents will be ruthless and show up unannounced. Based on your retaliation, they could even arrest you on the spot.


Not only will hiring an experienced attorney prevent you from making mistakes during the process of your investigation, if an indictment is executed, your attorney will be able to defend your case from reaching a guilty verdict. It is absolutely vital to have someone defending you from making mistakes from the beginning to the end of your federal investigation. Federal defense attorney Karren Kenney, founder of Kenney Legal Defense Corporation, has been practicing for over 20 years and has defended numerous federal cases from medical fraud, to homicides, and everything in between. If you think you are the target of a federal investigated, call Karren Kenney at (855) 505-5588 before it’s too late!

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