Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Lawyer

A criminal defense attorney and a lawyer both are professionals with profound knowledge and expertise in law. They both can represent you in court but the way each will represent differs. To understand how they differ, let’s just quickly dive further.

Who is a Lawyer?

A lawyer is someone who may practice general areas of law, have a good understanding of the law, but may or may not specialize in the practice of criminal law. A lawyer in Orange County often can give sound legal advice. A lawyer is a person who supports the plaintiff or a defendant in the court.

Lawyer And His Duties:

Some of the duties of a lawyer are as follows:

  • A lawyer acts as a support by bringing up shreds of evidence to help clients in their case.
  • The type of lawyers known as barristers will engage in debates to fight for their client’s freedom.
  • A lawyer gives legal advice on the various legal issues surrounding their client’s case.
  • A lawyer interviews witnesses and gathers additional information that benefits their clients.

Who Is A Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is a person who represents you in the court when you are accused of a crime. If you have been charged with crimes such as assault, drug trafficking, DUI or white-collar crimes, you need a criminal defense attorney in Orange County.

Criminal Defense Attorney And Her Duties:

Some of the duties of a criminal defense attorney are as follows:

  • A criminal defense attorney prepares legal motions to challenge evidence for her client.
  • She looks for possible negotiations that can be made to settle the case outside the trial court process to save time and money.
  • She gives the reality check to her clients regarding the possible outcome of the case.
  • If no plea deal can be made, she represents the client in the jury trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Lawyer: Conclusion

You may need a lawyer who practices general areas if you want to adopt a child or go through a difficult divorce or any complicated business matter. A criminal defense attorney is necessary only when you are under investigation or accused of some criminal charges.

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